Fysiko lashes serum: make your lashes longer naturally

We all want lovely natural long lashes without having to layer four rounds of mascara.

So how do we achieve length without applying makeup religiously every day?

Fysiko is a American brand that aims to double the length and volume of your lashes in 6 weeks.

Made with natural ingredients it works on lower and upper eyelashes and eyebrows to increase lashes the natural way.

Whilst the first results may be seen in 6 weeks it can take up to 16 weeks for the full result. The product is really simple to apply by running along the lash line like a eyeliner.

I was sent a tester to see if I can achieve longer lashes. I’m going to be documenting my experience every week and then compare the results along the way.

Keep tuning in to find out how it goes!


My lashes before the experiment started

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