Avon glow powder eyeshadow in bronze glow

Avon Glow powder eyeshadow in Bronze Glow promises to take you back to that time of Summer and warmth.

The eyeshadow comes in simple small brown packaging with a sun on the title to illustrate the kind of look you will get.

Inside is a eyeliner shaped eye powder with a eyeshadow applicator.

Some of the powder eteshadows you get are often quite hard to apply but this eyeshadow swept on really easily.

The colour was a warm bronze glow as described on the box and would be perfect with bronzer or a good tan.

The eyeshadow didnt crease even after a few hours and I anticipate it will still look as it did when I applied it many hours later.

A good little eyeshadow that is great for a evening look in the summer.

I’ll give it a 4/5

•Small packaging and product so will fit into any crammed makeup bag
•Slides on really well without sticking
•Good amount of colour is applied to the lid
•Colour doesn’t crease and is long wearing

•Not so good without a tan as I felt it did drown my colour out slightly

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