The No7 foundation matching service

Today I was browsing Boots with the full intention of buying a new foundation. I wandered over to the Revlon and tested one of their Photo Ready mousse foundations. I have done it before so I don’t know why I did it again but the mousse foundation gives off a lot of product in one squirt and it got everywhere!

I then went on to try their new Nearly Naked foundation. I’m not sure if it was just the tester or whether they’re all like it but there was no pump to apply the product and again it went everywhere!

Needless to say I wasn’t too impressed and decided to leave the Revlon foundations in search of the No7 foundation matcher.

Having seen it on the TV I thought i’d give it a try and it was relatively simple. The sales woman wipes a bit of your makeup off either side of your face and then the scanner takes a photo of your skin. My shade is Calico and it’s available in all products in the No7 range which is obviously very handy.

With a sample of one of their foundations and my foundation shade I went off to continue my shopping.

Have you tried it yet?