BYS Nail Collection: Does the budget brand earn its stripes?

BYS are one of the lesser known makeup brands but with their budget prices they’re perfect for those days when you’ve got a week till payday.

With nail wraps, a bright pink nail varnish and gems at my fingertips I got to work.

The wraps come in sheets of 48 with a white and pink heart and a black and white polka dot design. Having never tried nail wraps before I was a bit wary but they came with a full set of instructions os even the total beginner could get started. The only thing I wasn’t quite sure about was what edge of the wrap I had to apply to my cuticle as it didn’t say.



Each wrap comes tailored to each finger and any excess material can be cut off with nail scissors. After I applied the wraps my nails felt a bit itchy and it was quite obvious they would not stay on. The adhesive is not strong enough and when filed to remove excess material the wraps become loose again.

Overall a nice premise but it doesn’t quite pull it off as the wraps only stayed on about ten minutes before they started to slip off!


  • Pretty designs
  • Comes with instructions so suitable for the total beginner


  • Wraps don’t stay adhered to your finger
  •  I couldn’t remove any excess material without it coming off my nails

BYS Hot Pink Polish

This gorgeous girly colour really stands out and will look great with a nice out fit. I applied around 1-2 coats on each nail and whilst the colour is glossy and quite strong you can see a bit of my nail through the paint. The varnish was pretty quick drying but smudged quite easily which is a shame.


  • Gorgeous girly colour
  • Quick drying


  • Smudged a bit

BYS Nail Gems

Nail gems add a fantastic sparkle to somewhat boring nails and can createa  whole array of fantastic designs. BYS Nail gems come in a little pot with a selection of silver gems and a handy pink applicator. To apply I firstly painted my nails and whilst the varnish was still fresh placed several gems on my nail using the applicator.

The applicator was a great idea of transferring gems to nails but a lot of the time it failed to grip the gems which meant the varnish was drying whilst you’re struggling to stick a gem on. To fix the gems in place I applied a clear varnish over the top.Generally the gems stay in place but if you’re quite inexperienced at nail art you could get varnish over the gems and ruin the look.


  • Adds bling to your look
  • Has a handy applicator to help apply the gems


  • The applicator took quite a few turns to stick on

It’s up to you to decide but in my opinion, you get what you pay for with BYS. The products aren’t perfect but they’ll do till pay day 🙂