Barry M: Wink Eyeliner

If you loved your felt tips as a child you’ll love this new format eyeliner from Barry M. Designed like a felt tip pen, the eyeliner has fantastically bright pink packaging and a eye slogan with black wording.

With a ball top point it’s very easy to line both the bottom and top
lashes and you don’t end up with black smudges all down your face. The liner goes on quite easily but I did feel in places it seemed slightly stiff and the ink came out very light. The wide nib means that it’s perfect for really over the top winged edges – great for nights out!

The gorgeous pink packaging and creativity of the eyeliner means it’s a great tool to have in any girls makeup box.

I’ll give it a 4/5


  • Gorgeous girly packaging
  • Has a thick felt tip like point which is good for creating long winged lines
  • The sharp point means it doesn’t need to be sharpened and lines both top and bottom lashes easily


  • Like a felt tip, this eyeliner is sure to dry out if the lid is left off!
  • I felt it was a bit stiff in places and I had to draw over the line twice to get a strong colour