Bling it up in pink with MyFace chrome nail varnish in Raspberry Beret

If you read my previous review on MyFace’s chrome nail varnish in Limelight you’ll know I was very impressed.

Designed for every pink lover out there, MyFace in Raspberry Beret nail varnish is a gorgeous bright pink colour with a real sheen.

The shade has a real pearsclent tone and almost appears a lighter pink colour when the light reflects off the metallic base.

It was really easy to apply and quick drying but on parts of my nail which were longer then others one coat wasn’t enough as I could partly see my nail through the varnish when the light was on it.

This lovely pink shade is delightful and will go with pretty much any outfit (except perhaps green)

I’ll give it a 4/5


  • Gorgeous pearly pink colour
  • Quick drying
  • Light reflecting
  • Great value for money as you don’t need to apply too many coats


  • On longer nails you probably need another coat for complete coverage
  • Seemed to chip easier then the shade Limelight did