New Cid Cosmetics I-Polish in Peach Cobbler

Named after everyone’s favourite dessert, New Cid I-Polish in peach cobbler is a vivid almost neon pink that is perfect for summer nails. It comes in rather stylish packaging with a glass bottle and a silver lid with a silver mould. With a light in the lid you can apply the nail varnish whereever you are, whether it’s in the middle of a powercut or if you’re stuck in a tunnel (god forbid!)

When applying the varnish it does go on quite gloopy to the brush and this results in a rather thin stripes on your nails. Often when the varnish goes on quite thinly in places it can be quite hard to displace the thicker areas without messing up the varnish that went on okay.

New Cid is one of the first cosmetic companies to completely eliminate nasty chemicals often found in nail varnishes including  Formaldehyde, Toluene and Dibutyl Phthalate (DBP)

I didn’t feel I had to apply anymore then one coat to my nails and was surprised how quickly the varnish dried. Despite the shaky start I had with the varnish applying quite gloopily once it had dried my nails looked glossy and shiny.

You can buy New Cid I-Polish in peach cobbler for £10 from New Cid Cosmetics

I’d give it a 3/5


  • Gorgeous summery colour
  • Dries really quickly
  • Doesn’t require more then one coat


  • Slightly gloopy when applying
  • Slightly expensive for a nail varnish