Eyeko FAT Eye Pencil in Chocolate

Eyepencils can be a bit hit or miss often as they have quite a creamy consistency.

I got Eyeko chunky eye pencil in a recent Carmine box and decided to approach things with a open mind.

The product comes in a attractive bright blue box which immediatly catches your eye. The pencil itself is a small chunky grey stick with the colour at the end. It also has a protective lid to stop the colour staining your makeup bag.

The product was quite easy to apply but it did feel quite sticky on my eyes. A few hours later the eyeshadow has started to shift and there were crease lines all over my eyelid. Now I don’t think I’m one of the only ones who hates it when a few hours after applying your eyeshadow creases, cream shadows are the worst!

Technically Eyeko chunky pencil isn’t a ‘cream’ shadow so its surprising it shifted so quick. The complete effect was ruined when the product creased as well.

All in all i’ll give it a 1/5.


  • Attractive packaging
  • Easy to apply
  • The colours good for casual wear


  • Creases very quickly