Benefit Hervana Blusher

At the recent Hervana launch night I got my own free exclusive beauty product. The Hervana blusher comes in gorgeous girly packaging with the image of clouds, a gold halo and what looks like a sunset. I believe Benefit are trying to achieve the feeling that you’ll be in heaven when you use this through their imagery.

Inside the blusher is a mixture of different colour shades that when mixed together will create the ultimate glow. There is also a really handy mirror so you can apply whilst on the go, perhaps whilst on the train trying to impress that gorgeous hunk in front of you!

The product comes with a pint sized brush which is also useful as it means you don’t have to haul your makeup brushes along with you every time you go out. The only problem with the brush is when I was trying to gather up the product it was quite difficult as the brush was the same size as the box so it kept bashing on the sides.

The colour is quite a nice pink blush which applies quite easily and rubs in well. There is a slight shimmer to it but not as much as there would be with a shimmer product. I do feel that the product isn’t really much different to a typical blusher, and you can probably save quite a few pounds by buying a more high street brand. I give it 3/5

Buy it for £25.50


  • Cute packaging with a mirror
  • Handy brush so very travel friendly
  • Nice colour


  • Getting the product out with the brush can be quite awkward
  • The product’s end result isn’t that different to a typical high street blusher so on this occasion I would say save your pennies

benefit hervana blusher

                                                  On the right side Hervana was applied