New Id I-Pout Scarlet Lipstick

As part of my first Carmine box I received the lovely New Id I-pout lipstick in Scarlet. The lipstick comes in quite a attractive white case, and its most attractive feature is its inbuilt light – perfect for dark nightclubs and bars!

On the side of the lipstick is a a reasonably sized mirror so when team with your light you’ll be the envy of all your girl mates!

The colour is a lovely bright red which is perfect for the Christmas season and really brightens up those pale complexions. It smells absolutely gorgeous which is perfect for cheeky kisses under the mistletoe and it glides on like a dream – no stickiness like some lipsticks.

I can’t really find anything negative to say about this lipstick, other then the fact that it doesn’t last that long. However with its endearing features you won’t have any qualms in applying it again and again!



  • Gorgeous smell unheard of in a lipstick – perfect for kissing
  • Lovely scarlet colour
  • A inbuilt light so you can apply in dark places!
  • Has a mirror as well


  • The only one I can think of – it doesn’t last that long!