Urban Decay Makeup palette

If like many girls you need to apply makeup on the go, a all in one set is very appealing. I bought this set from All Well An Good a couple of months ago and have used it now and again since. It consists of four eyeshadows, four lipglosses and a blusher so you can mix and match your looks, so one day you could be feeling white and another brown, or you could blend them all together.

It comes in quirky colourful packaging that make you want to buy the set, even if its just so it looks good amongst your other makeup. It even has a useful mirror so you can apply makeup where ever you are, be it at home or on the train.

Today I tested the white shadow with a brown up top to go with the white top I was wearing. The shadow applied smoothly, and comes with a handy applicator brush if you don’t fancy using your fingers. It blends in quite well together and the overall look is a white sparkly colour that is good for sprucing up your day to day look or going for glam in the evening.

The shadow is long lasting and you can still see it clearly hours later however it is a glitter shadow and as most people generally blink a lot you will end up with glitter all around your eyes and on your face. Now for someone who likes to keep their makeup together that can get slightly irritating.

The set comes with four lipglosses that look pretty different, they all have a glossy texturised shine and a glittery consistency that makes you think this will look cute. On application my lips did feel glossy and looked after but I felt the colour was lacking a certain something. As you can see from the photos every lip gloss looked exactly the same despite the appearance in the packaging.

The Urban Decay palettes generally retail at around £20+ so are great for an investment buy for something to use when you don’t want to be lugging your whole makeup bag around. However in terms of the colours and products available for more general use a average makeup brand would do the job just as good.