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20 Unknown Facts About Me

Want to know a bit more about me? In this post I’ll reveal 20 unknown facts you probably never knew.

1. I’m a competition addict. I have been entering competitions since 2008 and have had so many opportunities through this hobby. I have won a trip on a private plane, explored Belfast, stayed in a amazing apartment on Princes street in Edinburgh, won a amazing makeover, ipads, Iphone 4 and so much more.

2. I get very nostalgic for old food and drink I used to love. I remember eating Spaghetti flavour monster munch when I was a child (not that anyone else can!) they were amazing and I can’t believe they stopped selling them. I feel the same for recent products that have disappeared like Britvic cranberry, apple and raspberry fizzy juice drink and the little orange and blackcurrant juice drinks I believe were sold by Innocent.

3.I love to collect things be it jewellery, makeup or magazines I seem to have a stash of everything! I have one old email account where I have emails dating back to 2002 as I don’t like to delete anything that feels nostalgic.

4. Once I’m hooked to a program I have to binge watch through to the end *thank god for Netflix!*

5. I love sandwiches, especially the little triangle variety they just seem to taste better.

6. I have over 60 perfumes… told you I like collecting things!

7. I can cook a amazing homemade cottage pie.

8. I like buying lots of things to start up a hobby like soap making or card making but often get bored and give up after making a few creations.

9. My favourite restaurant has to be Zizis as I adore their spaghetti bolognaise (no one can come close).

10. I’m quite little at only 5ft 1 but I like to think I’m small but perfectly formed.

11. I love reading especially crime thrillers. I would also recommend the novel version of Stephen King’s film adaptations like The Body (Stand by Me) and The Green Mile as they have so much more detail then the films.

12. I love cats! Whenever I see a cat I go aww, it’s a problem.

13. I really don’t like big dogs that bark and jump up at you when you visit someone. I just think they’re going to bite my fingers off.

14. I really want to go skiing after watching Chalet Girl. This urge was of course encouraged by the beautiful Ed Westwick.

15. I would love to visit New York and go shopping in Macy’s.

16. I love bananas when they have just turned from green to yellow. I’m not a fan of the leopard look and taste.

17. My middle name is Louise.

18. My favourite TV program at the moment has to be Pretty Little Liars. I’m on series 4 and I’m dying to know who A is!

19. I feel guilty if I kill a insect but not if it’s buzzing around my light all evening.

20. I am a single pringle but hopefully will meet Mr right sometime soon!

I hope you enjoyed these 20 unknown facts about me! I love to know if you have any facts you haven’t revealed about yourself in the comments below!