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17 Magnetized Nail Polish

If you’ve ever wondered what a magnet does to wet nail varnish this gives you the answer.

Having seen the results on my friends nails I really wanted to give this a try, as it looked so cool.

As they’re quite new the nail varnish is still quite pricey compared to normal polishes. I got mine for about £5.99 from the 17 brand in Boots.

I applied the Blue shade to my nailsin the normal way and then came the magic. Whilst my nail was still wet I held the magnet over the top and it creates a ripple effect that changes the colour of the polish.

Your result is a two toned nail varnish which you would find very hard to create normally.

Now the magnetic nail varnish is quite a difficult art to master as whilst my right hand came out lovely, the left didn’t..

We all have a hand that is a lot harder to paint and this was it, so maybe the best idea would be to do that one first.

However I was impressed with the result and will be buying more colours in future!