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17 Blow Out Mascara: Does It Fulfill its 12x Volume Promise?

17 Blow out mascara vows to Volumise, Sculpt and tease your lashes whilst adding 12x your natural volume.

Enriched with Vitamin E and the hair miracle booster Argon Oil condition and boost lash body allowing for bigger, bolder lashes.

So does it fulfill its promise?

Blow Out comes in a funky yellow tube with large eye catching wording which instantly catch your attention. The wand is very thick especially in the middle which is designed to give maxiumum coverage to all your lashes. Whilst you get the impression that the mascara will give very volumised lashes I struggled to get much of the product onto my lashes. Despite coating my bottom lashes several times the wand wasn’t able to coat them and the result was a minimal coating.

The volume on my top lashes also wasn’t as much as i’d hoped for and certainly not the 12x voulme the tube promised.

On the plus side the mascara didn’t clump and my lashes were seperated and defined.

I’d give it a 2.5/5 for not quite living up to its promise