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16 ways to avoid boredom on a aeroplane

Avoid boredom on those long plane journeys with my foolproof list of things to keep you entertained in the air

16 ways to avoid boredom on a aeroplane

Whilst I love going abroad on holiday, the one thing that I always dread is the plane journey. Whether it’s 45 minutes or 24 hours, plane journeys can always seem pretty drawn out and boring. Obviously a long haul flight is more tedious than short haul, but it’s still important that you keep yourself occupied whatever the distance. Here’s some of my top things to do on a aeroplane to avoid boredom.

Do some puzzles to avoid boredom

I love buying a new puzzle book for the plane journey. You can get really engrossed in the puzzles and before you know it you’ve landed. Don’t worry if you’re not very good at them, you can still give it your best shot!

watch netflix on a plane

Watch Netflix

Most planes don’t have WiFi, however there is a way you can still watch your favourite programs from Netflix on the plane. Before you go, head to Netflix and download your favourite films and programs. Pick a good selection so you don’t get bored of watching the same old stuff. If you want some inspiration on what to watch, why not check out my 10 most recommended things to watch on Netflix.

Learn something new

Have you been dying to learn something new for ages? Sitting on a plane with nowhere to go is the perfect opportunity to get your thinking cap on. There are hundreds of how to books on Amazon that will give you ideas on how to get started and whether it’s right for you. If you fancy entering competitions as a hobby, why not check out the book I wrote on how to win big.

play a game to avoid boredom on a plane

Play a game

Nothing whiles away the hours like a good game. A lot of games do require WiFi to work properly so make sure you’ve downloaded some that work fully without the internet. Alternatively you could go old school and take a small board game to play with your friend/ family member.

Listen to a podcast

There are literally thousands of podcasts available to download online. You’ll find everything from chat style podcasts to murder mysteries. You will certainly avoid boredom with all the podcasts you’ll discover.

things to do on a plane read a book

Books are a fab way of helping you to avoid boredom

As well as learning something new, you can really lose yourself in a good book. Whether you’re a lover of crime thrillers, horrors or romantic comedies, you won’t be short of choice. You can bring a paperback (or two) or just download a few onto your Amazon Kindle.

Have a drink

If you like to relax with a drink, a plane journey gives you the perfect opportunity for some me time. You’ll get the drinks delivered straight to your seat so you can just sit back and enjoy your flight.

listen to some music on a plane

Listen to some music

Pop on your favourite tunes and watch the clouds go by as you jam away. Just try not to sing along too loudly!

Write down your travel bucket list

Are there some places in the world you simply must visit? Why not brainstorm and write down the countries and places you want to see. Put your favourite country at the top and work your way down. You could try to visit somewhere new every year. Worried you won’t be able to afford it? Why not sign up to some focus groups and start earning up to £200.00 each time.

declutter your mind

Declutter your mind to avoid boredom

We all have things on our mind from time to time, and when you’re stuck on a plane it’s easy for your mind to drift. You can try to declutter your mind by writing everything down on paper. Assess what the most important things are to you and then write a to do list on how you can tackle the issues.

Learn the lingo

Heading to a country that doesn’t speak your language? Well you can wing it of course, most countries do speak English. However if you want to show off your language skills you could practice some vowels and sentences using language apps that you can download on your phone. You’ll certainly avoid boredom learning the complexity of a new language.

adult colouring books

Do some colouring to avoid boredom

Colouring books for adults is a big thing now (and it’s so relaxing). Grab your colouring pencils and get to work.

Avoid boredom by editing the photos from your trip

If you’re heading back from your trip, you’ve probably taken hundreds of pictures. Why not use the time on the plane to sort through the ones you love, the ones that are okay and the ones that you need to delete (right now!). You can use a photo editor to add filters, frames and captions.

declutter your mind

Write down your memories

Enjoyed your trip? Write down everything you did, what you saw, the food you ate and the people you met. You can put this in a scrap book and add the photos you took to give it that extra edge.

Stretch your feet

Stretching your feet is important, especially on a long plane journey, to avoid issues like deep vein thrombosis. Have a walk up and down the plane every half hour, maybe visit the bar if there is one to socialise and meet new people.

do a face mask on a plane to keep your skin hydrated

Do a face mask

Planes can often play havoc with your skin and leave it looking and feeling dry. Use a moisturising face mask to help keep your skin hydrated during the flight.

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16 ways to avoid boredom on a aeroplane