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14 of the top money making apps

Purse strings feeling tight? Make a bit of extra money on the side with 14 top money making apps

Smartphones are perfect for providing money making opportunities that you can take part in whilst you’re out and about. Tasks can be varied from taking photos, to answering questions and completing missions. In this guide I’ll be talking about the top money making apps that I use and benefit from. I will only mention the apps that have actually worked for me and are valid in the UK. So what are you waiting for? Don’t miss your chance to make money on your phone with 14 of the top money making apps.


Dscout is a mission based app that allows you to apply for opportunities by answering a few questions. Missions involve answering snippets or ‘questions’ on a variety of different topics. You could potentially work with big brands providing research that will have an impact on future products or services. Payment is generally through Paypal.

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Clic and Walk

This is probably one of my favourite apps although I haven’t been as active on it as I should recently. On Clic and Walk you can pick missions that you can either complete at home or out and about. The payment is fairly low but they’re pretty quick to do and can be completed in around ten minutes. Some missions can be repeated as well which is good if you want to earn a bit more. You need to be quick as the missions get snapped up really quickly. Payment is through Paypal.

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Spare5 is a app that you can play around with when you have a spare 5 minutes. Tasks are quite varied from adding tags to pictures, listening to phone calls, or calling hotels to see the kind of service they provide. Calls use your Wifi allowance so you don’t use any minutes. Payment is very small but they don’t take very long to complete. Payment is through Paypal.

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Maximiles is predominantly a cashback app that also provides the opportunity to earn through surveys. You’ll also get the occasional email with extra points opportunities attached. You can exchange your points for a number of rewards from sweet hampers to a Xbox One.

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I have used Fiverr for a number of years and really enjoy using it. Fiverr is a gig sale site where you can exchange your ‘service’ for $5. You can register and use the site as both a seller and a buyer. Categories are very broad from Graphic Design to Fun and Bizarre. You can literally ‘sell’ anything from promoting a brand on your Facebook or selling glove puppets. Payment is through Paypal. A really easy way to make money.

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Vypr is a fairly unknown app that should really receive more credit. The app is very simple to use and although it has a few errors (the same image is often used over and over) that doesn’t affect you getting your points. You get Vypes which are basically very short surveys which you can complete in about 1 minute. After you have 10,000 points you get £5 from Paypal. Points are very easy to accrue.

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Mindswarms is basically a app where you can apply for ‘studies’ on various topics. Topics are very varied as you can see from Home Improvement to Mobile app testing. A lot of the studies are US based only so you can’t apply for everything (unless you’re in the US) They also get filled up very quickly so you need to be quick again on this one. Payment is through Paypal.

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This app was really active in the Summer but not so much anymore. It is a location based task app so you complete missions whilst out and about. In the Summer there were a few tasks in Asda to complete. I’m hoping this will become more active soon. Payment is through Paypal.



QuickThoughts is a survey based app where you complete surveys on various topics. Payment is 50p a survey. Surveys disappear very quickly so you can’t hang around. You get rewarded with Itunes gift vouchers when you accrue £10.

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TV Smiles

TVSmiles is an app that’s slightly different to the others. You answers questions on popular topics like the latest TV programmes and you get ‘smiles’. Once you have accrued a certain number of Smiles you can get a reward.


One Pulse

I discovered this one a while ago and then for some reason forgot about it when I got a new phone. With One Pulse you can click on different pulses which you can earn money from. Not all the pulses are monetised but by taking part in the non paying pulses you may get you monetised content further down the line. One Pulse works in levels which increase as you click on more pulses.

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Streetbees is another fairly new task based app. They release a certain number of tasks pretty much every day which you can complete to make money.

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14 top money making apps


IPoll is traditionally a survey based app but they do have missions which you can complete out and about from time to time. You can choose to reward yourself with Paypal or Itunes vouchers.

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GeoTask rewards you based on the usage of your phone. It does use up battery but it tries to limit the amount it uses. It assesses where you go and uses GPS to do this. In return you get points which you can exchange for Paypal or if you’re feeling generous you can donate your reward to charity.

All of these apps can be found on your Iphone but are probably available on Android too. Do let me know if you found this guide useful and benefit from these apps! Don’t forget to share so your friends can earn a bit of money too!

14 ways to make money using your smartphone