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14 alternative advent calendars for adults – alcohol, pork crackers and more

First there were chocolate advent calendars, then beauty calendars started causing a storm. This year adult advent calendars have diversified even more with everything from gin calendars to doors filled with pork scratchings. They’re a little unusual I give you that but if you want to surprise a loved one with something unique then they’re definitely worth a try. Here’s some of the most unusual adult advent calendars.

adult advent calendars

Wine advent calendar

If you’re a connoisseur of the red, white or rose wine then the Virgin wine advent calendar is right up your street. It contains 24 doors full of individual bottles of red, wine and rose. You’ll even find a festive champagne treat.
Reserve it now for just £10.00 (total price £79.99) 

adult advent calendars

Gourmet marshmallow advent calendar

Are you a fan of the gooey stuff? Love toasting marshmallows over a roaring fire? Then you’ll love this gourmet marshmallow advent calendar. It contains 25 marshmallows in flavours such as Candy Cane, Humbug, Gingerbread, Mint choc chip and choc orange.
Get it for £15 at Notonthehighstreet 

adult advent calendars

Pitstop Prosecco advent calendar

If you love a glass of fizz then this is the advent calendar of your dreams. Live like a queen and treat yourself to a whole range of delights from rose fizz to cava and champagne- and of course prosecco.
Pre-order now for £125.00 

adult advent calendar

Bluebird tea advent calendar

If you’d rather be curled up on the sofa with a cup of tea and a good book then the Bluebird Tea advent calendar will probably have you getting out the biscuits. It has 24 doors full of Bluebird’s award winning tea bags with blends such as Snowball, Christmas Cake, Strawberry, Lemonade, Earl Grey Creme, Gingerbread Chai, Mrs Claus Raspberry Prosecco, Mince Pie and Clementine. The calendar also features a Bluebird pin badge and a solid tea perfume.
Grab it for £45.00 at Notonthehighstreet 

Adult advent calendars

That Boutique-y Gin company advent calendar

If you prefer the smooth taste of a gin and tonic you may want to sample the delights of the Boutique-y Gin Company advent calendar. It features some of the best artisan gins with some of the gins made with the botanical magic of outer space.
Pre-order for £99.95 at Master of Malt 

adult advent calendars

Pork Scratching Mega advent calendar

Not a big drinker? Fancy a advent calendar where you can indulge on your favourite snack? The Pork Scratchings mega advent calendar is probably one of the most unusual advent calendars I’ve ever seen. The calendar features a mini bag of pork crackling behind every door in flavours like Low and Slow BBQ, Maple, Black Pepper and sea salt , Salt and Vinegar and Perfectly Salted. Indulge the inner snacker in you.
Get it for £17.50 at Notonthehighstreet 

adult advent calendars

Christmas coffee advent calendar

If you’re not a fan of tea and prefer the harder stuff than a calendar full of coffee is probably high on your Christmas list. If you need your coffee to get you through the day then the 24 bags of fresh cafetiere grind artisan roasted coffee will keep you wide awake. The sort of coffee you’ll get includes Brazil Villa Borguesa, Colombio Excelso, El Salvado El Molinito and Costa Rica SHB amongst others.
Get it for £40.00 at Notonthehighstreet 

adult advent calendar

Lots of pots of sweets snowmen advent calendar

You may be a adult but that doesn’t mean you can’t indulge your inner child. This cute advent calendar features 6 pots of retro sweets to satisfy your sweet tooth. Contents include jazzies, snowies, different flavour millions, chocolate beans, jelly beans, love hearts, fruit salads etc.
Get it for £24.95 at Notonthehighstreet 

adult advent calendars

Drinks by the Dram whisky advent calendar

Only a whisky aficionado know what the best whisky is. This calendar contains some of the most coveted whiskies and each bottle is wrapped up with a stylish wax seal.
Buy it now for £149.95 at Master of Malt 

adult advent calendars

Lots of pots of liquorice Christmas advent calendar

If you or your loved ones loves a bit of the black stuff then this advent calendar full of liquorice is the perfect pick. The calendar has 24 different types of liquorice including salted, sweet, caramel, chocolate, jellies and gums.
Get it for £24.95 at Notonthehighstreet 

adult advent calendars

24 day pub crawl advent calendar

It’s not quite your traditional chocolate advent calendar but it gives you the best of both worlds – chocolate and alcohol. The calendar features 24 days of chocolate filled with shots of Jagermeister, Red Bull, craft beer and more. Not one for the faint hearted!
Grab it for £24.00 at Notonthehighstreet 

adult advent calendar

Nutcracker advent calendar charm bracelet

If you love to watch the Nutcracker at Christmas then you’ll love this Nutcracker inspired advent calendar. Set in a beautiful jewellery box each door features a bracelet and a charm.
Get it for £24.50 at Notonthehighstreet 

adult advent calendar

Honest Brew Craft beer advent calendar

Sometimes the branded stuff just doesn’t cut it. This calendar features 24 unique craft beers with everything from pale ales, IPAs, stouts, porters and sours. Honest Brew claim the calendar will definitely feature beers you haven’t tried before.
Get it now for £64.90 (normally £74.90) 

adult advent calendar

Christmas candle advent calendar

In winter do you love your home to feel warm and uplifted with the scent of a burning candle? This candle advent calendar has 24 scented candles in 12 yummy scents to make your nights something to look forward to. Scents include vanilla, white linen, vanilla lime, lemon meringue, cinnamon bun, blueberry pie, ocean breeze, pink gardenia, mulberry, citrus orange, lavender and apple cinnamon. Even better you can personalise it so it makes a great gift.
Get it for £32.00 at Notonthehighstreet 

adult advent calendars