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13 ways to to stay healthy during winter

13 ways to stay healthy during winter

We all know that as soon as winter rolls round winter bugs kick in. Whether it’s the dreaded norovirus, a cold or flu, germs are easily transmitted through the air or by touching infected surfaces. So the question on your lips is how do you and your family stay healthy this winter? Whilst you can’t account for the actions of those around you there’s certainly steps you can take to avoid catching a bug and staying as healthy as you can this winter season. Here’s 13 of the best winter health tips.

Clean your desk

Did you know your desk can contain more germs than your toilet? If you hot desk it’s more important than ever to clean the desk before and after using it.

Use a anti bacterial hand gel

Whilst it’s not perfect, antibacterial Hand gel can certainly help kill a lot of bugs. Use it when you sneeze or come into a setting which a lot of other people have had exposure to. It’s also good to use before eating food.

13 ways to stay healthy during winter wash your hands

Wash your hands regularly

Bugs often live on surfaces that people come into interaction regularly such as desks and doors. To avoid getting contaminated try to wash your hands as much as possible, make sure you wash your whole hand and use hot water which will kill the germs.

Get your flu shot

Whilst the flu vaccine is mainly recommended for young children and older people who are more prone to getting ill, if you can afford it it’s definitely worth getting your shot. It can help to reduce your risk of contracting flu by 50-60%.

Use your own pens

If you use pens that other people have used or those that have been available in communal areas like banks you could be left exposed to numerous germs and bacteria. Avoid the risk by using your own pens wherever you go.

See your friends

Those people with a active social life are generally a lot happier then those who rarely get out to see friends. It can lower your stress hormones which in turn can make you a lot healthier. The exposure to other people means you’re more likely to produce antibodies as well.

13 ways to stay healthy during winter get a good nights sleep

Get a good nights sleep

There’s nothing that can help your body more than a good nights sleep. If you find you’re only getting a few hours a week your body won’t have time to regenerate overnight which can lead to you catching more colds as your immune system is not as effective as it would be normally.

Challenge yourself

When you feel challenged your body works harder to protect itself against predators. Whilst you’re unlikely to be up against any sabre toothed tigers nowadays – by setting easy to reach challenges at work to complete a new task or deadline – you’ll be increasing your body’s defence levels.

Take vitamins

If you don’t eat a lot of fruit and vegetables then you may be lacking in vitamins. Use a multivitamin that contains at least 100% of your recommended daily allowance.

13 ways to stay healthy during winter get a massage

Get a massage

Massages are great for increasing levels of cortisol which can reduce your stress levels and increase your immune system response.

Take astragalus

It may sound like a foreign instrument but astragalus is a vital tool in staying healthy this winter. It’s a Chinese root that has a great track record in helping to boost the immune system. It helps to produce more white blood cells which can create more antibodies which help fight germs and bugs.

Get some exercise

You’ve probably heard everyone recommend you exercise more but it’s a great way of staying fit and healthy. Exercising gets your heart pumping and releases endorphins which can help in keeping you to stay well.

Avoid the masses

If you’ve heard of a big outbreak of flu, cold or norovirus then it may be wise to avoid going out in large crowds where you’ll be more likely to catch it. When you feel viruses are most prolific try to stay home where you can to avoid it.

13 ways to stay healthy during winter