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10 ways to entertain for free

Let’s face it – the cost of living these days isn’t cheap. In my latest post I reveal 10 ways you can entertain for free.

Nowadays everything can seem so expensive. You go to the cinema and buy the tickets and some sweets and you’ve already spent the best part of £30.00. When you’re counting the pennies it can be hard to just spend money whenever you want to, but it’s important you still have fun. I’ve found 10 great ways to entertain for free.

10 ways to entertain for free

Entertain for free by having a movie night

Why not raid your DVD collection to find some films you haven’t seen for a while and invite your friends around for a movie night. You could even ask your friends what DVDs they have and challenge yourself to watch a genre you would not touch normally. Alternatively you could connect YouTube to your TV and discover all the weird and wonderful videos on the network.

Time for a mojito!

I’m sure you have tons of bottles of alcohol stored away in the cupboard somewhere. Why not use that, some ice and some mixers to create a very unique cocktail night. Ask your friends to all bring a bottle and have fun experimenting (and getting very drunk!).

Have your very own afternoon tea

Afternoon tea has become more popular than ever in the last few years. Instead of spending £30.00 a head, you can create your own slice of comfort by hosting a afternoon tea at your home. Get out your best China, bake some cakes and make sure you’ve made lots of tea. You and your friends will have a great time catching up on the gossip.

have a video game night

Have a video game night

Games like Super Mario represent a truly memorable games night. Get your friends together, a couple of consoles and some fun multiplayer games (don’t forget the snacks!) for a night full of action.

Are you ready to deal?

Poker is a fun game that’s loved by many. You can use Monopoly money and challenge yourself to see whether you’ll fold or you’ll be the last man standing.

entertain for free by starting your own book club

Entertain for free by starting your own book club

Most people have hundreds of books lying around the house gathering dust. You could start your own book club and loan out some of your books to your friends. Ask them to read it then give a critique to the group after a few weeks.

Go cycling with friends

Instead of forking our hundreds of pounds for the gym (which you probably visit once a month), why not start cycling with friends. You get exercise in the fresh air, the chance to explore new locations and catch up with your friends when you stop for a breather. What makes it even better is that it’s completely free!

go to free events with friends

Look out for free events

From time to time you’ll find free events, conferences, festivals, open days, galleries etc. Often they’ll be held to celebrate the opening of something or a special guest will be in attendance. These events will have good music, some good and good company to spend your time with. You can find these events on local Facebook groups or websites. Also look out on your friends newsfeeds as they may share information on a event you haven’t found online. Go along, try something new with your friends and have fun!

Free attractions

Wherever you live you can probably guarantee there are tourist attractions that are completely free. Run by charity or donations, they give you the chance to learn something new. Simply search for attractions in your local area on Google. If you live in London I’ve wrote a post on some of the best free attractions you’ll find there.

watch a band for free

Discover a new band

You’ll often find new and upcoming bands playing for free in local pubs and clubs. You’ll get to discover new music with your friends and you might even get to boast you saw the band before they got big.

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10 ways you can entertain for free