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10 virtually free things you can do on Valentines day

Once the dust has blown on Christmas, the next big commercialised event Valentines Day takes centre stage.Whilst many love the romance, it can be expensive. the cost of dinner, drinks, flowers, chocolate all add up and that can be very damaging on the pocket.  Don’t worry too much though as there is many inventive and virtually free things you can do that will pack just as much punch as dinner at The Savoy (maybe)

1. Utter sweet nothings
Who doesn’t love a compliment? Surprise your other half by writing a number of things you love about your partner and pop them into little envelopes and hide them around the house. You can make it into a game and challenge your partner to find them all.

2. Snuggle up
Got a Netflix subscription? Sorted. Grab a load of duvets and blankets and snuggle down on the sofa with plenty of snacks with endless films and box sets on Netflix. Try a TV program your other half loves or delve into a series you wouldn’t normally take a second look at. There’ll be plenty of time for smooching and feeling genuinely loved up.

3. Get romantic
Like the sweet nothing idea but more obvious. Grab a load of post it notes and write down memories of things you have done together, where you met, what you hope will happen in the future. Shape it into something cheesy like a heart so it will stand out. It will be super slushy but oh so heart warming.

4. Food feeds the soul
I probably made that one up but a lot of people think about food and it is what keeps us alive after all. Nothing says love more than surprising your partner with a delicious homemade breakfast. It doesn’t have to be anything gourmet, most people adore a greasy fry up but often don’t have the time to do it themselves. Tell them to put their feet up and enjoy. Brownie points for making it heart shaped.

5. Get inventive
People can often get stuck in a rut in relationships and it’s so easy to do. Make a list of all the things you’ve love to do with your partner and put them on small bits of paper. Whether it’s visiting The Shard, The London Dungeons or visiting that pub you’ve never been to before everything is a new experience. Pop them into a jar and each week pick a new idea to experience.

6. Get puzzling
Set up a scavenger hunt which takes your partner to all your favourite places. Create clues so it’s not too obvious and try to make little poems which will give it that extra creative touch.

7. Take care of the chores
Often precious couple time is inhibited by having to do daily chores. Wake up early and take the opportunity to do all those jobs your partner would normally have to do so you can have them all to yourself. Not only will they be delighted by your kindness but it will put them in a super good mood knowing they don’t have all that work to do.

8. Offer your services
Make up a book of coupons where you do things for your partner. This could be anything from giving them a massage, letting them choose the movie, cooking them dinner etc.

9. Make your own chocolate treats
All you need is a bar of cooking chocolate and a mould and you can create your own unique chocolate treats. Melt down the chocolate then pour it into your mould for a super personal treat. For extra creativity wrap it in red foil paper.

10. Do a at home spa day
Round up all the unused beauty products you already have at home and use them to create your own home spa day. Use them to give massages, manicures, exfoliating facial masks, foot scrubs and body scrubs depending on your preference.

If you’re single why not hook up with a single friend and have fun taking part too, without the romance of course (unless you want to take your relationship one step further 😉