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10 things I can’t live without

10 things i cant live without

There’s some things in life I really couldn’t live without. Whether it makes life that little bit easier or makes me laugh there’s 10 things in life that make me happy and keep life running smooth.

The internet

This has to be the best invention ever. Without it I wouldn’t be able to blog, enter competitions easily, meet people and so much more.

My car

As I live at home my car gives me that sense of independence that I can’t get anywhere else.

10 things i cant live without my phone

My phone

If I leave my phone at home I often find I feel a little lost on breaks or lunch. It’s my connection to the world and allows me to update my social media on the go, play games, check emails and so much more.

Cherry cola

I love Cherry Cola- is it true ooh- just throwing in a throwback to Keenan and Kel (remember them?) this is one of my favourite soft drinks and I probably have one three times a week.

Zizzis Spaghetti Bolognaise

Zizzis produce the best spaghetti bolegnaise hands down and I love going there for dinner. The sauce is out of this world.

10 things i cant live without perfume


I’m a real perfume addict and have over 49 bottles. A perfume can really transform your mood and enlighten your senses. A splash of a sexy scent on a night out can make me feel like a million dollars.

Peaky Blinders

This show has a alluring storyline and characters that keeps me coming back. From the moment I started watching it I couldn’t turn away and cillian Murphy is certainly great to watch.

Sugary foam bananas

Sadly these are only available in Europe (why god why) which is even more gutting as they taste amazing. I simply stock up when I do get the chance to go abroad.

10 things i cant live without makeup


I have to say I’m one of those people who can’t leave the house without wearing makeup. I love it as it enhances my features and adds radiance to my look that I don’t have naturally.

BB cafe muffin

I don’t buy a lot from cafes but I never miss the opportunity to buy one of BBs muffins. They taste fantastic as they’re fresh and most definitely homemade.

What sort of things could you not live without?

10 things i can't live without