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10 reasons why you should love Autumn

why autumn is great

Can you believe it’s officially Autumn? With the fabulous summer weather we’ve been having it’s hard to believe. Despite the weather getting a little confused there’s no doubt Autumn is well on its way. So with the shorter days and dark mornings is there really anything to look forward to? Every season brings a new set of  activities and  Autumn is jam packed with things that will brighten up your days. Here’s 10 reasons why you should look forward to Autumn.

1. Feeling like a child as you bounce through the crunchy Autumn leaves that have fallen
2. Picking your own pumpkin from the massive pumpkin field
3. Getting to snuggle up in the biggest cosiest jumper you can find.
4. Cuddling up close with someone special and not feeling hot or sweaty
5. Watching the fireworks on Guy Fawkes night – at an event or even from your house as you watch your neighbours firework displays
6. Getting to drink lots of hot drinks and not feeling bad for it
7. Snuggling up under your massive duvet at night time
8. Getting spooked on Halloween at a scary event
9. The nights are dark enough to stay in watching Netflix without feeling like you have to be out enjoying the sunshine
10. Getting to enjoy hearty favourites like chicken hotpot or cottage pie without having to worry too much about your figure!

What’s your favourite thing about Autumn?