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10 mobile apps that I can’t live without

10 mobile apps that i cant live without

If my house was on fire and I literally had 3 minutes to grab what was important to me, my phone would be on the top of that list. Like most millennials, my phone is an extension of me and I use it to have fun, make money and organize my life. I have a number of apps which I love and goto on a daily basis. Here’s a snippet of what they are.

The notes app is perfect for drafting blog posts and noting down to do lists or statistics. It’s a great way of keeping everything organized and I know exactly where it is.

facebook app

I love Facebook as it’s perfect for satisfying the curiosity in me. I love seeing what people are up to, who’s had a baby, who’s getting married and what gossip there is. I also use it to promote my blog and apply for blog opportunites.

Instagram’s a great way of seeing what people have been up to and seeing everyone’s gorgeous beauty pictures. I always get a bit of inspiration from seeing what everyone else is posting.

ebay app

Ebay’s fabulous for making a bit of extra money and I find the app so much easier to use then the website. So easy in fact I never use the website anymore. I can have a item up and for sale in about 2 minutes – I love how efficient it is.

Everytime I upload a video I have to check Youtube every few hours to see how many views it’s got. It’s also great for catching up on my subscriptions; I’ ma big fan of murder mystery’s and there’s some really interesting videos about many cases and unsolved crimes.

vypr app

I mentioned VYPR in my post about the top 14 mobile apps that pay. It’s a really easy to use app that awards me points for giving my opinion on quick one minute questions. I can exchange my points for Paypal points which satisfies the money maker in me.

citizenme app

If you haven’t tried this you need to download it now. It’s a super easy app that makes you money with very little effort at all. You simply give your view on short surveys with around 3-10 questions and they reward you with cash that goes straight into your Paypal account.

Who doesn’t love a mooch on Amazon? The apps great when I suddenly think of something I’d love to have and don’t have access to my computer. Trinket trays and a car vaccum have already been added to my basket.

freethefruit app

If you love games and free stuff then Freethefruit is perfect. It’s a super fun game very similar to Candy Crush where you match up the fruit to win the game. The twist is that every bit of fruit you match up goes towards a pot which you can use to save up for Boost vouchers. Who wouldn’t want a free juice?

We all know our favourite apps on our own phones  but what about other people’s? Carphone Warehouse recently partnered with Yougov to create the Great App Map of Britain – a guide on the most used apps in the UK as a whole. It’s a really interesting read – Facebook is of course top, with Google and Youtube coming up a close second and third. It’s good to know I’m not the only one who loves a lunchtime Facebook snoop.

If you want to know what people up North love the most or even those in the East the research reveals all. It’s all about Ryanair cheap flights for the Scots whilst Southerners love to line their belly with the KFC Colonel’s app (I have to admit I have this one).

Go and check it out and see just how accurate Carphone Warehouse’s research really is.

I collaborated with Carphone Warehouse to create this post. All thoughts and opinions are my own.