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10 fun things to do on Halloween

Not sure what to do on Halloween this year? I’ve come to the rescue with 10 of the best fun things to do on Halloween

Halloween is that scary time of year when your doorbell never stops ringing and horror films run on a loop. Whilst it’s a big holiday in the states, here in the UK it’s not seen as such a big occasion. If you’ve always wanted to join in with the halloween spirit but never knew where to start here’s 10 top ideas to get you to feel the fear and experience the most fun things to do on Halloween.

1. Have a horror film marathon

What could be better to do on Halloween then spend hours watching non stop horror films. From Friday the 13th to Nightmare on Elm Street the choice is endless. Instead of scoffing yourself silly on sweets why not try and scare yourself silly instead!

2. Carve up a pumpkin

Seeing your creation lit up in the dark is so cool and actually leaves you feeling pretty chuffed. Why not buy a pumpkin from your local supermarket, or even pick it yourself at a local farm and get carving! You can even get your whole family involved as a family bonding activity.

3.  Go to a local scare activity

If you look online or in your local paper you’ll probably find loads of locations holding events specifically for halloween. A lot of these events will have different scare activities set up which may involve being chased with a chainsaw (normally fake) shoved in a coffin or jumped on by a blood soaked maniac. Have fun.

4. Go on a haunted tour

Whether you decide to tour a haunted building or take a guided walk along a notorious killers haunt (i.e. Jack the Ripper) there’s so many scary tours available to make your heart race. Tours are often advertised online or in local papers. Have a quick browse to find one local to you.

5. Build your own halloween costume

If you’ve been invited to a halloween party but you don’t want to fork out for a costume why not create your own. You’ll have fun getting creative and when you get complimented on your outfit you can surprise everyone by saying it’s one of your own. You don’t even have to make it from scratch, why not buy bits and pieces from different shops to make something really unique.

6. Get creative online

Don’t want to leave the house? Well you can still get into the halloween spirit. Why not try carving a virtual pumpkin or send halloween e-cards to your friends. It’s something different and I can’t say I’ve ever received a halloween card before!

7. Visit a psychic

Halloween is the one day in the year that there’s an open portal for the spirit world to visit us on earth. What day could be better then to visit a psychic. If you are missing someone close to you who has passed why not visit a psychic to see if you can get a message that might soothe the pain.

8. Decorate!

Houses look super cool when they’re covered in scary ghoulish decorations. Why not get busy coating every surface with skeleton arms or pumpkin lanterns so your house looks like the best halloween hotspot in town. You’ll also let trick or treaters know you’re happy to join in too by getting into the spirit. You don’t have to spend loads – shops like Poundland and Poundworld have loads of Halloween goodies.

9. Tell ghost stories at a graveyard

What could be spookier than a dark cold graveyard? Why not gather with a group and tell ghost stories around old graves. Don’t worry about trespassing, a lot of graveyards are open specifically for this reason.

10. Make halloween inspired snacks

I love seeing halloween inspired food. Some of it looks so amazingly realistic, but also relatively simple too. Why not scare your friends and family with your best ghoulish foodie creation?

I hope you enjoy my list of 10 of the best fun things to do on halloween. Make sure you have fun and do let me know what you get up to in the comments below!

10 fun things to do on halloween