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10 common makeup mistakes and how to fix them

how to fix makeup mistakes

Makeup is fantastic for embracing your features and exploring the numerous different looks you can create. As amazing as it is the endless potential of makeup means mistakes can be made. Whether it’s the embarrassing memory of the day you plucked all your eyebrows off or when you thought plastering hair glitter all over your tresses looked really cool everyone has made a few makeup mistakes in their time. The picture you can see is of course me sporting a rather exaggerated eyeliner look. I didn’t think it looked bad at the time but we live and learn!

Even when we get older mistakes are still made, here’s 10 top tips on the mistakes you might be making and how to avoid them.

Excessive use of eyeliner is a no-no!
Eyeliner is great for accentuating your eyes and adding a bit of glamour. It can be very easy to go a bit crazy with the eyeliner and end up with a massive black line around your eye (see above for said example). To avoid looking like a racoon with tiny eyes try to make your liner as slim lined as possible. You can use a eyeshadow brush to line some powder underneath your eye for extra definition.

Don’t skip mascara
Mascara widens your eyes and makes them appear a lot bigger. If you skip mascara and apply makeup everywhere else the look will not look finished. There are hundreds of different types of mascaras available including volumising, curling and defining so the opportunity to try different looks are (almost) endless.

Always apply suntan lotion
Not every makeup product has sun protection factor in it so it’s important to still apply it when you wear makeup.Skin cancer is all over the news nowadays and being exposed to the sun with unprotected skin makes you a prime target. There are products with sun protection factor in them and a setting powder with a high SPF will give you the best chance of protection from sun damage.

Wearing too much foundation
You want your foundation to  conceal any blemishes and look like a second skin. What you don’t want is a face that looks like you’ve applied your makeup with a trowel. You know the look, the rather orange greasy looking faces where every spot and fine line has been accentuated. The key is to get a foundation that suits your skin type and only accentuates what you want. I.e. a foundation with a hydrating formula to give you a dewy finish. Less is more so start off with one coat and if you need more then build the coverage up.

Keep your makeup dry
It may seem handy to keep your makeup in the bathroom as it’s probably where you get ready. However if you want to keep your makeup for as long as you can I would recommend avoiding it. Bathrooms tend to be quite damp humid environments which can help bacteria to grow potentially contaminating and drying out your products. After all you don’t want to increase your chances of breakouts by rubbing bacteria all over your face!

Using eyelash curlers after applying mascara
This is probably one of the biggest makeup mistakes you can make and I see it a lot. If you apply eyelash curlers after your mascara has dried you could potentially break your eyelashes as they’re more frigid. You could also kink them into a unusual shape.

Keeping makeup past its expiry date
Makeup like every product has an expiry date for a reason. Once a product has passed it used by date it doesn’t work to its full potential anymore, will start to dry out and breed bacteria. Just imagine how much bacteria is growing in a year old mascara, pretty yuck hey! Here’s a quick guide on how long you should keep each product:

Applying makeup in the wrong light
Have you ever woke up and applied makeup in the dark? By the time you saw yourself in natural daylight you probably realised it was a big mistake. By that time everyone had seen what you look like. If you apply makeup in the wrong lighting you will probably apply too much/the wrong shade. To avoid looking like coco the clown try to apply your makeup where a lot of daylight hits, like next to a window.

Don’t skip your skincare
Skincare is there for a reason, it helps to keep your skin healthy and well nourished. It will also help to avoid fine lines and wrinkles as you get older. By using a regular moisturiser you will eliminate dry skin and give makeup a smooth base so it will glide on smoothly. Regular cleansing/exfoliating will also get rid of bacteria on the skin to avoid breakouts.

Wearing the wrong colour on your brows
Your eyebrows are designed to frame your eyes and can really complete your look. Once you’ve shaped your eyebrows you’ll probably want to fill in your brows. Step carefully though as if you use the wrong shade it will look unnatural and very obvious that the look wasn’t real. The best example of this would be having brows that don’t match your hair colour.

Hopefully these makeup tips will guide you if you’ve slipped into a few bad habits. By sticking to a few ground rules your makeup will last longer and you’ll look and feel much better!