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10 anti-ageing tips that will keep you looking younger than your age

10 anti-ageing tips that will keep you looking younger than your age 5

Fed up of looking your age? Help relieve the signs of ageing with these tips that will keep you looking younger than your age

When you’re over 45 it is inevitable there will be some signs of aging in the form of fine lines or wrinkles. Whilst ageing is a natural part of life that doesn’t mean we have to sit back and let the jowls form. Our skin’s appearance and elasticity reacts to your skincare routine and there is plenty you can do to help your skin stay fresh and look rejuvenated. Read on to find out how to keep looking younger than your age.

1. Watch out for the sun

You should completely avoid sunbathing and tanning salons as the intense UVA rays can damage your skin. Also, don’t expose your skin to the sun between 10 a.m. and 2 p.m. when the sun is at its brightest. If you really have to be outside during that period, wear a hat, a long-sleeved shirt and light pants, as well as sunglasses. That way, you will help to prevent age spots, freckles and blotchy complexions from appearing. Also, always wear a sunscreen when going outside, even during Winter as the suns ray can affect you even if it’s cloudy outside The product you use should be with 7% of zinc oxide and an SPF of 30 or even higher. UVB and UVA lights damage the skin even if you’re exposed to it for a shorter time.

10 anti-ageing tips that will keep you looking younger than your age 3

2. Anti-aging products

Anti-aging products rejuvenate your skin and help you enhance your natural beauty so they’re a must if you want to avoid the signs of ageing. The ingredient pentapeptide helps the skin produce more collagen which is responsible for producing firmer skin. You can also consider retinoid creams and prescription treatments.

3. No smoking

Toxins in tobacco smoke can cause smokers skin to sag and age dramatically compared to someone who doesn’t smoke. This will result in your skin looking dry and dull, with a loss of firmness. By giving up you’ll be saving around £250 each month and helping your skin stay young.

4. Watch out for sleep wrinkles

Sleep wrinkles appear during sleeping when your face is pressed on a pillow every night, so they appear in predictable locations, namely on points where the skin holds to the bone. The key to avoiding them is to sleep on your back which will also bring you other benefits such as clearer skin and a well-rested back. Of course, you can deal with them with fillers and wrinkle creams, but if you keep with the same sleeping position, they will probably come back.

10 anti-ageing tips that will keep you looking younger than your age 4

5. Avoid crossing your legs

Your skin can be sensitive all over your body, especially around your legs which have to support your body weight every day. Whilst it may feel natural to cross your legs, this can block the return of the blood from legs to the heart which can put pressure on your veins. This can cause them to stretch and expand too much and leave you with spider and varicose veins on your legs, especially if it has already been present in your family. So, avoid crossing your legs whenever you can.

6. Prevent under-eye bags

Under-eye bags get more frequent and larger in time, so try to cut down on salt and drink more water on a daily basis. Also, pay attention to the foods you’re eating as dairy, wheat and alcohol can cause them too.

7. Proper diet and hydration

Everything starts with a proper diet and a lot of water. Our skin can’t look healthy and fresh if you don’t provide it with good nutrition, so ensure you have a healthy diet with plenty of fruit and vegetables. Water helps your skin to stay hydrated from the inside which is equally important as keeping it hydrated from the outside.

10 anti-ageing tips that will keep you looking younger then your age

8. Makeup

Aging skin shouldn’t be burdened with too much makeup, dark shades and heavy foundation. It’s best to use minimal makeup on ageing skin – the most important thing is to highlight your eyes, but without using heavy and dark shadows, eyelash extensions are a great way to make your eyes stand out. Don’t trouble yourself with visiting a professional – there’s probably several good eyelash extension courses nearby so that you can do it on your own and do the same for your loved ones. Who knows – maybe you’ll start a business out of it.

9. Help your dry skin

It’s normal for your skin to become drier over the years, but there are ways to increase your skins hydration. Facial moisturisers are great for protecting and lubricating the skin helping to trap water under the skins surface. This will give your skin a more youthful look. It’s important to apply the product every day, and if your skin is excessively dry arrange to see a dermatologist.

10. Clean your face

Your face is exposed to dirt and grime every day, so you shouldn’t go to bed before you’ve properly cleaned it. To get the best results wash your face with warm water first and then use a mild cleanser instead of a soap. Never scrub your skin to get it clean.

Your skin is the most sensitive part of your body and it will get more so over time. If you really want to help it keep elastic and looking younger then you age don’t skip any of these tips.

Blog post by Audrey Taylor

10 anti-ageing tips to keep you looking young