Friday, 18 August 2017

5 holiday hacks that will make your trip one to remember

5 holiday hacks that will make your trip one to remember

If you're off on your holidays you're probably already imagining the bliss you'll feel when you sip your first Strawberry Daiquiri.

Your bags are packed, your passports safely in your handbag and you're ready to hop onto that plane.

So how do you make it the holiday of a lifetime? Here's 5 holidays hacks which will make your getaway one to remember.

lift your chin to take a great selfie

Be selfie perfect
If you're worried about your wrinkles and fine lines showing up in your selfies - simply lift your chin  up. Lifting your chin up can take years off your face.

Worried about showing your body in a swimsuit?
If you're conscious about your body you may worry about baring all on a beach full of bikini clad women. To make it a little easier go for a block colour one piece swimsuit. The streamlined effect will help boost your confidence.

wash your toes in the sea to get rid of sand

Don't like sand in your toes?
The feeling of sandy toes is annoying and can take forever to get off. The best way to get rid of it is by rinsing your toes in the sea. If you want to avoid it in the first place try dusting baby powder over dry feet so the sand will rub off more easily.

Try an alternative to water
If you're not a fan of water why not try coconut water. You can have it fresh or from the carton and it's a fabulous way of hydrating your skin.

rise with the sun to raise your serotonin levels

Rise with the sun
You may hate waking up at sunrise when you're at home but on holiday it's a whole different story. Not only will you grab the best sun lounger by rising with the larks but the sunrise will also help to boost your serotonin levels. Win win!


Thursday, 17 August 2017

Tartiest Tarte Lip Paint in Swamp Family

Tartiest Tarte Lip Paint in Swamp Family review

What the brand says
Tarte have teamed up with Youtube sensation Grav3yardgirl to create two exclusive shades of long lasting lip paint. The two features shades include a everyday greige and Grave3yardgirl inspired bold red.

The Lowdown
During my recent Tarte haul I picked up Swamp Family, a lovely mid red shade. Whilst the formula has been designed to have a smooth creamy mousse formula, I did feel it was quite thick and gloopy.

The Lip paint is smooth and easy to apply and had really strong pigment. Unlike some Lip products which are a little patchy and take a while to build up to full coverage, this was pretty much instant. The colour isn't as bold as I've had imagined and is more of a neutral red. I noticed that it had a bit of a strange smell - like a off mint. The finish is matte and it wasn't overly drying.

Tartiest Tarte Lip Paint in Swamp Family swatch

Most of the lipstick had pretty much faded after a few hours and it was only the outline that remained. After eating and drinking the lip paint faded a lot quicker which I was quite disappointed with.

before and after Tartiest Tarte Lip Paint in Swamp Family

Whilst Swamp Family is a lovely shade of red, I felt the smell was a bit off putting and for a matte lip stick it certainly could have lasted longer.

wearing artiest Tarte Lip Paint in Swamp Family

I give it 2/5

Grab it for £10 at Tarte


  • Pretty pigmented
  • Coverage builds up quickly


  • Gloopy formula 
  • Only lasts a few hours
tartiest Tarte Lip Paint in Swamp Family review pinterest


Wednesday, 16 August 2017

Create a easy summer glow

easy summer glow makeup tutorial

Summer is all about relaxing, enjoying the warmer weather and enjoying the longer days and lighter mornings.

Whilst Winter is the perfect time to look pale and interesting, in summer I like to spice it up a little and embrace a warm bronzed glow. I haven't had a chance to jet off to anywhere exotic this year so I've used the power of makeup to fake it.


In my latest beauty tutorial I will show you how to create a easy summer glow.

Do let me know what you think of the video and where you've been jetting off on your holidays this year.


Tuesday, 15 August 2017

6 sleep hacks that will have you dozing off without having to count sheep

6 sleep hacks that will have you dozing off in no time

Are you struggling to sleep? Fed up of tossing and turning and counting sheep? If the traditional sleep therapies aren't working for you then you might want to try a alternative that will have you retiring the lavender spray for good.

Increase your levels of Omega 3
If you go to bed and find yourself constantly worrying about money or life in general you're probably getting a lot less sleep then you need. DHA in Omega 3 is great for helping to lower anxiety and helping to release melatonin that can help to trigger sleep.

Listen to the Sleep lullaby
Believe it or not there are lullabies for adults too. Sleep is a 8 hour piece by composer Max  Richter which helps people to fall asleep. It has been created with the advice of neuroscientist David Eagleman so it's bound to help you get your eight hours. You can download it by searching for Max Richter at

counting sheep to get asleep

Insomnia? There's a fix for that
If your lack of sleep is on the verge of insomnia then H7 Insomnia Control may help you get your tiredness under control. H7 Insomnia Control is a unique band which measures the H7 acupressure point in your wrist. Acupuncture is a major focus in Chinese medicine and studies have found that 72% of patients found it helped increase the level of sleep they were getting.
Grab it for £9.90 at independent pharmacies.

Create a sleep signal
Instead of counting sheep you can create a subtle signal that can help reprogram your brain and help you to get more ZzZ. The signal can be subtle - touching your ear, stroking your cheek or putting your thumb and finger together - but done at times when you're feeling sleepy it can help to stimulate sleep. The effects won't be instant and you will have to persevere but over time your brain will link the signal and sleep together.

Drink a sleep cocktail
Forget warm milk - there's a new sleep cocktail in town. ZenBev is a drink made from pumpkin seeds that are rich in amino acid tryptophan. Tryptophan can help to create the sleep hormones melatonin. Trials have found that it can help reducing the amount of times you wake up at night by 39%.
Grab it here

get more daylight to increase your levels of sleep

Get all the daylight you can 
If you don't see much daylight during the day this could have an effect on the overall level of sleep you get at night. Increase the levels of daylight you're exposed to (a window works) and you should start to sleep better.

  • Top tip no 1

If someone has told you exercising before bed will  prevent you sleeping, take it with a pinch of salt. If you have a good hard workout before bed (around 65-90 minutes), you'll actually fall asleep quicker and have a deeper sleep.

  • Top tip no 2

If you often only get a few hours sleep a night you may think you have to go to bed at 8pm the next day to make up for it. The truth is your body is actually pretty smart and you will have a much deeper sleep which will make up for the lost hours - without having to go to bed earlier.

  • Top tip no 3 

Drinking before bed is not as good for getting sleep as you might think. Alcohol might get you to sleep but it messes with REM sleep leading to anxiety, irritability and higher appetite.


Monday, 14 August 2017

Tarte Leave Your Mark eyeshadow palette review

tarte leave your mark eyeshadow palette

What the brand says
Designed on the back of Tarte's #kissandmakeup anti-bullying campaign, this limited edition palette is perfect for everyday looks. With shades names like Speak Up and Encourage, this palette is perfect for a little morning inspiration whilst you're doing your makeup.

The palette has been formulated with skin caring ingredients including Amazonian clay and mineral pigments to soothe and soften your skin.

The Lowdown
Tartes Leave Your Mark eyeshadow palette is like every girls dream. Seven matte and shimmer shades and a white gold highlighter come in a gorgeous lipstick kisses embossed palette. There is also a mirror which makes it easy to adjust your makeup on the go.

tarte leave your mark eyeshadow palette shades

The shades in the palette include:
Grace (pale pink)
Speak Up (peachy nude)
Good Vibes (rose copper)
Encourage (champagne)
Role Model (antique gold)
Shake it Off (depe bronze)
Love (highlighter)

tarte leave your mark eyeshadow palette swatches

The shimmery shades in the palette are super soft and so pigmented. When I swatched the palette the amazing intensity of the pigment was visible from the first swipe. Often with cheaper palettes I have to build it up to get a strong pigment, but with Tarte Leave Your Mark I didn't need to do that. There was no breakage of the shades that I tend to see a lot with cheaper palettes as well. My favourite shades in the palette are Role Model, Encourage and Shake it Off. The matte shades are however a lot lighter and you don't get as much colour pay off.

With the palette I decided to go for a classic smoked out gold look. Here's how to recreate it:

1. I applied Role Model on the inner corner of my eye

2. Next I used encourage to add a bit of definition by blending it into Role Model on the middle of my lid

3. To add smokiness to the look I finished off by applying Shake It Off which gives the look a fabulous ombré finish.

When I applied the eyeshadow I didn't get any fall out around my eyes and the shades were easy to blend together. The look lasted all day without fading and there was no caking around my eyes at the end of the day.

tarte leave your mark eyeshadow palette smokey gold look

Leave Your Marks is one eyeshadow palette that I would highly recommend. The shade are really pigmented and last all day. They're super easy to work wiht and I didn't need to build up the eyeshadow to get an intense finish.

I give it 4/5

Grab it for £26  here


  • Fantastic pigment in the shimmery shades
  • There's no need to build up the colour, it's there instantly
  • A mixture of matte and shimmer shades with a accompanying highlighter
  • There's no fall out when applying the eyeshadow


  • The matte shades do not pack as much pigment as the shimmery shades


Friday, 11 August 2017

Richard Marques Strong Teeth Whitening toothpaste review

richard marques strong teeth whitening toothpaste review

Celebrity to the stars Richard Marques designed an exclusive whitening toothpaste that is supposed to whiten your teeth up to 10 shades whiter within 2-3 weeks.

Made in the USA the paste has been formulated with completely natural ingredients including Calcium Carbonate and Silica.

Whilst the toothpaste claims a dramatic whitening effect in just 2-3 weeks I did find that I wasn't always using it exclusively for that specific time. As a result I extended the test to last a number of months until I had completely used up the toothpaste.

So let's have a quick recap to May. The toothpaste resembled your typical high street toothpaste and has a pleasant peppermint taste The major difference I noticed is that the paste doesn't really foam so you did end up having to use more product for a good clean. Richard Marque's recommends that you continue to use your existing toothpaste in addition to the whitening product, I was thinking maybe that's because it lacked the protecting agents a typical toothpaste contains.

So did it whiten my teeth?

richard marques strong teeth whitening toothpaste review

When I was testing the toothpaste I noticed my teeth were a little brighter but they didn't seem much whiter. When I look back at the before and after photos however I do see a massive difference in brightness and whiteness. There's always going to be a slight difference in terms of the lighting which can affect results but overall I have to say I'm pretty impressed.

I give it 4/5

You can buy the toothpaste for £15 at Wimpole Street Dental

before and after richard marques strong teeth whitening toothpaste


  • Teeth look a lot brighter and whiter
  • Pleasant tasting
  • One tube lasts around 3 months
  • The toothpaste contains completely natural ingredients and there's no nasties like peroxide 


  • The toothpaste doesn't really foam so you end up using more

Thursday, 10 August 2017

Help to buy victimising the single girl

help to buy scheme affordability

When I was growing up I imagined by the time I was 30 I'd be a fully fledged adult with my own house, boyfriend and perhaps a kid. 

What I did not envisage was being single and still living at home. 

Whilst being single is absolutely fine when it comes to buying my own place it provokes a massive problem- I cannot afford it any way shape or form. The government funded help to buy system is supposed to help young people who can't get the money together for a big deposit- however what it doesn't mention is their affordability checks makes it very hard for single people to get on the ladder. Each house in the scheme asks for you to earn around £26,000 for a single applicant and around £32,000 for a joint applicant. Now that's hardly a big leap for two people- but for one it means the difference between being able to apply for the scheme or being singled out.

Unfortunately I don't earn £26,000 and I don't know many office jobs in Kent that pay that much. I don't have a partner currently so I'm just left in limbo. I know I could afford the monthly outgoings on my own but as I don't earn what they believe is affordable I won't get a look in. It's frustrating for me and I'm sure it's extremely frustrating for other single women in my situation. 

So unless I meet someone, win the lottery or get a better paying job i'll be living at home for many years to come. Not an attractive prospect! 

I'd love to hear your thoughts on the situation. 

help to buy scheme affordability


Wednesday, 9 August 2017

Win a massive beauty bundle

Happy birthday to me, happy birthday to me, I'm 30 today, so raise a glass (or three!)

In celebration of my 30th birthday I'm running a competition so you can join in the fun.

In this competition you will have the chance to win this massive beauty bundle which features everything from nail varnishes to mascara and blushers.

The full contents include:

  • Tony Moly I'm Real Red Wine mask sheet
  • Superdrug Apricot Exfoliating self-heating mask
  • Miss Beauty lipstick in Cherubin
  • Makeup Revolution pressed blusher in Treat
  • Makeup Gallery Shine On lipgloss in Coral Kiss
  • Ghost nail varnish in shade GG01
  • Makeup Revolution lip gloss (no shade)
  • Revlon Colorstay Gel Envy in Full House
  • Revlon Colorstay Gel Envy in Lady Luck
  • PS...Love matte long last lipstick (no shade)
  • Ghost nail varnish in shade SH01
  • Makeup Revolution lipgloss (no shade)
  • Essence Out of Space Stories nail varnish in Beam Me Up
  • Miss Sporty Lasting Colour Maxi Brush nail varnish in deep blue
  • L'Oreal eyeshadow in Nude
  • Essie nail varnish in shade 291
  • Essence Sheer and Shine lipstick in shade 07
  • 2true Pro Salon Shine nail varnish in Taylor
  • Rimmel Moisture Renew Sheer and Shine lipstick in Glow Rious pink    
  • Makeup Revolution lipstick (no shade)
  • Makeup Revolution Pressed Blush in Wow
  • Makeup Revolution Pressed Blush in Now
  • Makeup Gallery All About That Pout lipstick in Pinkberry
  • Max Factor False Lash Effect waterproof mascara
So how do you enter? Simply follow the Rafflecopter instructions below.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Terms and Conditions
Following me on Youtube and subscribing to my newsletter are mandatory to enter the competition. If you say you've done this but haven't and you're picked as a winner you will be disqualified. All other entries are optional  but do get you extra entries into the competition. The competition will run from 9th August 2017 to 9th September 2017 and will start and finish at midnight. Good luck!


Tuesday, 8 August 2017

Tarte Gleam Team highlighter review

tarte gleam team highlighter review

What the brand says
Tarte's good for you Gleam Team highlighter combines the goodness of nature with a lit from within champagne highlight. Formulated with coconut, shea butter, mineral pigments, Vitamin E and glycerin this highlighter will help moisturise and care for your skin whilst giving you a fresh dewy glow.

The Lowdown
It's not often I see a highlighter that has so many skin caring ingredients in it. The highlighter is hypoallergenic so it's perfect for even the most sensitive of skins. It has a dual applicator with a cream and liquid consistency. Both the formulas have been designed to complement each other with a similar champagne shade. The liquid highlighter  has a tapered wand tip so you can use it effectively to highlight and strobe the skin. The liquid formula is quite thin and patchy with a sheer gold shimmer. The creamy  highlighter is a lot thicker and it's much easier to get a consistent highlight. Both highlights are pretty pigmented but the creamy formula is a lot more intense than the liquid.

tarte gleam team highlighter swatch

Both highlighters are really light on the skin and easy to blend in. They look fairly natural however I do feel that the liquid highlight is a lot more in sync with my skin then the cream. Over time the liquid highlighter does tend to fade and can only be seen very slightly, the cream highlighter on the other hand doesn't fade and remains quite a strong highlight.

The highlight you can achieve with Tarte highlighter is fairly basic and quite natural. It is a nice highlight but certainly something you can achieve with a product that's probably a lot cheaper.  I do personally think the Makeup Revolution highlighters probably do just as good if a better job than the Tarte highlighter.

I give it 3/5

Grab it for £23 on Tarte

  • Dual highlighter with a cream and liquid end so you can decide on the kind of highlight you're looking for
  • A gorgeous gold natural highlight
  • Blends in easily
  • The highlighters are highly pigmented

  • The liquid highlight does tend to fade fairly quickly and absorbs into the skin
  • The same effect can probably be achieved with a highlighter that's a lot cheaper
tarte gleam team highlighter review pinterest


Monday, 7 August 2017

Primark Ps...Dark Circle Reducing Sunflower eye patches review

primark ps... dark circle reducing sunflower eye patches

Whilst some people suffer from spots or redness, my major facial concern are dark circles. Over the years I've tried so many lotions and potions hoping for a reduction in the darkness, but nothing seems to work. Whilst I can quite easily conceal them with concealer it would be nice not to need to.

Primark's PS Dark Circle Reducing sunflower eye patches have been designed to reduce the appearance of dark circles.

I've seen many different ingredients in dark circle reduction products over the years but I have to say this is the first time I've seen  sunflower included.

primark ps... dark circle reducing sunflower eye patches review

There are 4 patches in the pack and you can  use 2 each time. The patches are shaped to fit under the eye and feel quite cooling when I first placed them on my skin. The area around my eyes can get irritated quite easily and I did find if I put the patches too close to my lower lash line it felt rather unpleasant. I left the patches on for half hour as instructed and by the end I was quite glad to get them off!

wearing primark ps... dark circle reducing sunflower eye patches

The patches appear to be moist but not wet and gets to work once placed in contact with the skin. When I took it off there was no residue product left over.

After using both patches I can't say I really noticed any difference in the  intensity of my dark circles. I think maybe because the patches don't have any active products in they won't work as well as creams or gels.

I am a little disappointed at the lack of results but they were only £1.00 so I haven't really lost much.

I give them 1/5

before and after primark ps... dark circle reducing sunflower eye patches


  • Great budget buy at only £1.00
  • Made in Korea - the experts of all things face masky
  • The pads have a initial cooling effect


  • After a while the patches become quite irritating (I  don't know if this is just me?)
  • Didn't have any effect on my dark circles
primark ps dark circle reducing sunflower eye patches review pinterest


Friday, 4 August 2017

Botanics release their collection of their new natural skincare superheroes

botanics release their new collection of natural skin care superheroes

When you try a new beauty product do you ever stop to think what chemicals might be inside? A lot of popular beauty products are full of sulphates, parabens and other nasties that can potentially irritate sensitive skin. So if you've ever felt your skin was red or sore after cleansing you'll probably find your regular face wash product is to blame.

Whilst many brands do use synthetic products in their formulas, there are others that are committed to using only natural ingredients.

Botanics, a brand sold exclusively by Boots prides itself on creating effective natural skincare superheros. The products use the power of plants to leave it looking healthy and glowing, perfect for your next instagram photo.

Unlike many brands, Botanics has the benefit of having the know how of the world's leading plant experts at Royal Botanic Kew Gardens to ensure that the products are as natural and simple as possible.

The range has been designed to target specific skin types, and whether you want to nourish, smooth or soothe your skin there's a product that will help you get your skin where you want it to be.

So lets introduce you to this years skin care heroes.

boots botanic organic facial oil

Botanic Organic Facial Oil  

  • Winner of the most nourishing facial oil

Recapture your glow with Botanics best selling facial oil. The oil has been formulated to feed skin with rose hip oils to leave it looking radiant and more even. Over time your skin will feel more nourished and have a gorgeous natural glow.
Get it for £11.49 at Boots

botanics hydration burst hydrating day cream

Botanics Hydration Burst Hydrating Day Cream

  • Winner of the dewy skin award.

Banish dry flaky skin for good with Botanics Hydration Burst Hydrating Day Cream. It has a lightweight, non greasy formula that is infused wiht Clary Sage extract to help add hydration to thirsty skin. The nutrient rich formula will moisturise your skin for hours.
Get it for £8.99 at Boots

botanics triple age renewal facial super serum

Botanics Triple Age Renewal Facial Super Serum  

  • Winner of the best wrinkle reducer award.

Who would've thought a plant could help recapture your youth? Botanics Age Renewal serum has a triple action formula which is designed to hydrate and nourish skin whilst helping to reduce the appearance of deep lines and wrinkles. It's infused with Purple Orchid extracts, a plant that has the power to plump and smooth skin -  amazing right!
*Can't find this one on the website yet*

boots radiant youth microdermabrasion polish

Botanics Radiant Youth Refining Microdermabrasion Polish 

  • Winner of the staying youthful category.

Who wouldn't want  all the fun of a salon without having to leave your house? Botanics Radiant Youth Refining Microdermabrasion polish is a luxury salon-style treatment that helps to boost the brightness of your skin and remove dead skin cells. It's formulated with Ginkgo plant extracts which is a plant that  helps you keep your skin looking younger for longer.
Get it for £9.99 at Boots

botanics all bright eye roll on

Botanics All Bright Eye Roll On 

  • Winner of the glow award

If you're like me and suffer from dark circles then Botanics All Bright Eye Roll on maybe your saviour. It has a cooling rollerball that helps to depuff the eye area whilst reducing the appearance of dark circles. If you've had a heavy night partying, it may need to go into your hangover recovery box.
Get it for £8.99 at Boots

botanics new skincare superheroes


Thursday, 3 August 2017

Confession - I was a Tarte virgin - until now!

my first tarte haul

I have to admit until now I've been a total Tarte virgin! I tend to normally only buy high street brands - and occasionally the odd Benefit or Lancome purchase so it was exciting to dip my fingers into the world of higher end makeup. The site does make you think it's British as you shop in GBP but unfortunately they're still based in the US and don't have a UK base. It took around two weeks to come (painstaking) but it was definitely worth it, here's an insight into what I got.

tarte glam goodies discovery set

Tarte Glam Goodies Discovery Set
I loved the look of this set as it had a eyeshadow palette, mini mascara and liquid lipstick for only £20! Obviously I've never tried any of Tarte's products before so this is a really great way to try them without spending too much. I really like the look of the eyeshadows too.
Get it for £20 at Tarte (currently sold out)

tarte leave your mark eyeshadow palette

Tarte Leave Your Mark eyeshadow palette
This cute palette has the most amazing package design - I love the gold kisses. Inside it has a mirror and 8 fairly neutral shimmer and matte shades. The palette has more shimmery shades than matte which is perfect for me as I do love to add a bit of glam to my makeup. The palette will be perfect for work and can even be worn on nights out if glammed up with false lashes and bold lips.
Get it for £26 at Tarte

tarte shape tape concealer

Tarte Shape Tape concealer
My friends have been talking about this for ages and embarrassingly I wasn't sure what it was until now. Shape Tape did make me think of some sort of slimming device! The concealer is available in 15 shades so it is actually quite difficult to know what shade is right for you, especially as you can't exactly test it.I decided to risk it (I hope this wasn't a bad decision!) and went for Fair Neutral which is designed to suit pink and yellow undertones. Fingers crossed it won't be too light.
Get if for £19 at Tarte

tarte grav3yard girl creamy matte lip cream swamp family

Grav3yardgirl Tarteist creamy matte lip paint in Swamp Family
Grav3yardgirl is  one of the few Youtubers that really cracks me up. She is so matter of fact about things it's really funny. I didn't know she had a makeup range until I stumbled upon it on the Tarte website. The lipstick was on sale for £10 so I thought it was a real bargain. Swamp Family is a really pretty red shade that had some really great reviews. Looking forward to trying it!
Get it for £10 at Tarte

tarte gleam team highlighter

Tarte Gleam Team highlighter
A really pretty double sided gold highlighter with a cream and liquid highlight. It's got really cute sparkly packaging and looked amazing in other people's reviews. I'm really excited to try it out.
Get it for £23 at Tarte

Have you tried any of Tarte's products before? Let me know in the comments below!

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