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Get natural looking brows with Maybelline Tattoo Brow

get natural looking brows with maybelline tattoo brow

What the brand says
The new Tattoo Brow by Maybelline is the first peelable brow gel to hit the market. If you're bored of having to constantly visit the salon to get great looking brows then Tattoo Brow is the product for you. It's available in three shades, medium blonde, medium brown and dark brown.

The Lowdown
I love it when my brows are on fleek but what I don't love is the upkeep it requires. I'm very much a girl who likes to apply and go and I often forget to fill in my brows on a daily basis.

Maybelline Tattoo Brow was a chance discovery on a recent shopping trip and I can honestly say I've not yet seen a product like it. Taking the pain out of doing your brows - it promises tattoo like brows for up to 3 days.

The product has a black ink like consistency that did look quite thick on first impressions. Tattoo brow works by drying into a peelable skin that you peel off after at least 20 minutes. If you want the 3 day effect you do need to keep it on for at least 2 hours - a bit of a pain if you're rushing around to get ready.

maybelline tattoo brow review

It was easy to apply and I quickly got my preferred brow shape with the ink. It does look like a normal liquid brow finish though so I'm not sure how I'm going to peel it off when it dries.

The product was really comfortable on my skin and didn't feel at all sticky or irritating.

It was a bit tricky to peel off and I was worried to see a few brow hairs caught in the residue! However once I had got it all off I was pleased with the result. Despite the shade being dark brown which I thought would be too dark for me it matched perfectly. The look is really natural and I have a perfectly filled brow arch. As you can see in the before photo my eyebrows are really fair and the left is missing the end (not sure how that happened!) this really rectified them and made them look really nice. The finished look is slightly faint and that may be because I didn't use a huge amount of product.

I give Tattoo Brow 4/5

Get it for £12.99 at Superdrug

before and after maybelline tattoo brow

  • Looks really natural 
  • Easy to apply and use 
  • Blended in perfectly with my natural brow colour 
  • Comfortable to wear 
  • When peeling the product off it took some of my brow hairs with it 
  • Can take up to two hours to dry if you want 3 dAy wear. Maybe a bit long if you're in a rush.
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Thursday, 21 September 2017

6 of the best Autumn berry lipsticks

6 of the best autumn berry lipsticks

Hot chocolate, fluffy marshmallows and crunchy leaves, Autumn is full of colour. With colour all around you it's the perfect time to try something new and embrace warmer colours with your makeup. Berry shades are a great way to warm your face up and lipsticks are a great place to start. Here's a collection of some of my favourites.

burts bees brimming berry lipstick

Burts Bees Brimming Berry lipstick
A gorgeous vivid berry shade that's designed for 8 hours wear. Made with 100% natural ingredients.
Get it for £9.99 at Superdrug
bite beauty amuse bouche lipstick in rouge berry

Bite Beauty Amuse bouche lipstick in Rouge Berry
A dark vampy berry shade, perfect as the finishing touch to your look.
Get it for £20.22 at Sephora 
maybelline color sensational lipstick in Berry Bossy

Maybelline Color Sensational Loaded Bolds lipstick in Berry Bossy
Show who's boss with this vivid berry shade.
Get it for £6.99 at Superdrug 
gerard cosmetics lipstick in dragon berry

Gerard Cosmetics lipstick in Dragon Berry
If you don't want to go too bold, you can always go for the middle road with this light pink/berry shade.
Get it for £9.50 at Beauty Bay 
dose of colours lipstick in berry me

Dose of Colors matte lipstick in Berry Me
Prefer the matte look? Dose of Colours matte lipstick in Berry Me is a liquid lipstick that dries to a matte finish. Vegan friendly.
Get it for £16 at Beauty Bay 
lemetier de beaute moisture matte lipstick in smoke

LeMetier De Beaute moisture matte lipstick in Smoke
This mysterious purple shade is the perfect finish to a natural eye. Keep the rest of your makeup simple to make your lips stand out.
Available for £26 at Net-a-Porter 


Wednesday, 20 September 2017

Newa anti ageing device before and after - a blogger's experience

newa anti ageing device before and after

In early june I started using the Newa anti ageing device - a new unique treatment that claimed to reduce wrinkles by  36%.

The device could be used in the comfort of your own home, and used 3Deep technology to stimulate the production of new healthier collagen.

3Deep Technology has been used by dermatologists and clinics around the world and has been proven effective in reducing fines lines and wrinkles.

newa lift activating gel

On paper it sounded great, and whilst it's a little expensive, if it worked it could be revolutionary.

Admittedly I did test this a little longer than the 6 weeks it claims it took to work, so the Newa device had every chance to take effect.

I'll be honest I found using the device more than a little bit of a chore. Having to come out of the bathroom every night to plug it in was a little irritating and really broke my usual routine as it couldn't be used in the bathroom. The Lift Activator gel has a rather odd scent and often the device would burn my skin, even on the lowest setting. I don't know if it's connected but I also came out in a weird clear spotty rash at one point when I used it in between my eyes.

Unfortunately I didn't notice any different in the visibility of my fine lines. Whilst I don't have any obvious deep wrinkles, I do feel the fine lines are pretty deep and I'm disappointed it didn't have any real effect.

For the price of this device, the lack of results and the inconvenience I probably wouldn't recommend the Newa. If you find that the depth of your wrinkles is a lot more significant it may potentially work for you and it's worth giving it a try.

I'm giving the Newa anti-ageing device 1/5

Get it for £348.99 on Amazon


  • A new concept of reversing the signs of ageing
  • Has two different heat settings for different effects


  • The higher setting constantly burns my skin, even the lower setting has a tendency to burn
  • I didn't see any noticeable visible result
  • Expensive
  • Inconvenient to use as it needs to be plugged in 


Tuesday, 19 September 2017

8 top tips on beating the Winter blues

8 top tips on beating the winter blues

The one thing I find so hard to contend with in Winter is the dark mornings and the long nights. Waking up in the dark just feels so unnatural to me and it can feel very bleak having so little light during the Winter period. We're brought up to associate the dark with bedtime so it can be hard to adjust when the darkness creeps in. Whilst I don't think I suffer from Seasonal Affective Disorder ("SAD") I definitely think  it's important to come up with coping strategies to make the transition to less light a lot easier. Here's some of my top tips.

avoid the snooze button to beat the winter blues

Avoid the snooze button
Whilst it's so tempting to keep hitting snooze when it's so dark outside, it will play havoc with your routine. By allowing yourself to oversleep your body clock will get confused with the mixed signals you're giving it. When you finally have to get up early you'll find you may feel more lethargic and tired then normal as your body has become out of sync.

Buy a light box
If you really do struggle with the dark mornings you may want to invest in a light box. They're a lot brighter than normal lights and can be set up to light up gradually just like the rising sun. By using a light box for 30 minutes a day you'll receive the adequate amount of light you need to stay happy and healthy.
Try the Lumia Arabica SAD light (£103.56 on Amazon)

exercise in daylight to beat the winter blues

Exercise in daylight
Combine exercising (which can release serotonin, the happy hormone) with day light in order to get a really feel good feeling. By exercising in the open you'll be exposed to more light than normal which will help to raise your mood. If you can't get out make sure you still incorporate exercise into your daily routine and keep it to the same time each day.

Eat at the same time
Regardless of what season it is, it's important to keep a routine. Whilst we may lack light in Autumn and Winter our body clocks respond to timing, and keeping things consistent will help keep the blues at bay.

plan a holiday to beat the winter blues

Plan a holiday
What could make you happier then the thought of relaxing on a sun kissed island? Holidays are a great way of cheering you up as you start to look forward to warmer days in the upcoming months.

Eat cheer me up food.
Sweets are full of sugar and may initially raise your mood as your blood sugar spikes. However the feeling is often temporary as a drop in blood sugar levels can result in feelings of sadness. Opt for food like chocolate (mainly dark chocolate) which is created with cocoa beans, an ingredient which can reduce anxiety whilst increasing your alertness and mood. What better reason could you have for eating chocolate!?

listen to music to beat the winter blues

Turn that music up
A good upbeat tune can really raise your mood as you start to bop and sing along to the rhythmic beat. Try to avoid the Celine Dion tunes though...

Lend a hand
You know that warm happy feeling you get inside when you help someone out? Well the benefits last a lot longer than you think. Regular volunteering can help  to lower your stress levels and improve your overall mood. You're also be happy knowing your work is doing so much to help to others. Win win.


Monday, 18 September 2017

Autumn coat wishlist

autumn coat wishlist

With the chilly mornings and evenings just around the corner it's time to ditch the thin jackets and start thinking about Autumnal coats.

I can be pretty picky about the sort of coats I like and I don't like to spend too much. My perfect coat is warm, fashionable and I love a bit of faux fur. Here's a collection of some of my faves that are top of my Autumn coat wishlist.

alessa wine trench coat

Alessa Wine trench coat
This isn't a colour I would normally go for but it's the perfect Autumn shade
Get it for £28 at Missy Empire

v by very skater trench coat

V by Very Skater trench coat
A little longer than I'm used to but I really love the cinched in waist.
Get it for £60 at Very

precis petite stacey fur coat

Precis Petite Stacey fur collar long coat
This coat is perfect for snuggling up in on those extra chilly day when Jack Frost comes to visit
£129 at House of Fraser 
v by very petite dolly fur coat

V by Very petite Dolly coat with Faux fur collar
This is one of my favourites, it looks really warm and I'm loving the faux fur collar
£80 at Littlewoods 

missy empire jessika camel wool boyfriend coat

Missy Empire Jessika camel wool boyfriend coat 
I'm loving this stylish coat that will look great teamed with a pair of skinnies and high heeled boots.
£36 at Missy Empire

fendi zip waist detail coat

Fendi zip waist detail coat
Okay so it's a bit pricey and I probably won't be buying it anytime soon but it's one beautiful coat.
If you want to splurge you can buy it for £2,210 at Farfetch 

missy empire olyvia rust faux fur collar belted coat

Missy Empire Olyvia Rust faux fur collar belted coat 
This super cute coat is the perfect Autumn/winter staple . With a faux fur collar, belt closure and side pockets it's both practical and pretty.
Get it for £37 at Missy Empire 
jack wills ambrose trench coat

Jack Wills Ambrose trench coat
This Jack Wills trench coat is perfect for adding a touch of style for the pumpkin season. It has a belt to cinch in your waist and is the perfect length for those who weren't blessed with long legs (like me).
Get it for £149 at Jack Wills 

missy empire lola grey tailored wool coat

Missy Empire Lola Grey tailored wool coat
When you think of wool coats, do you think of unflattering material that will drown you? This gorgeous Lola Grey wool coat from Missy Empire is tailored to fit your frame so you'll keep warm and look stylish.
Get it for £46 at Missy Empire 


Friday, 15 September 2017

How to create a great flatlay

how to create a great flatlay

If you're a blogger, new or experienced you know how important it is to get the perfect flat lay. So what are the secret ingredients to making a flat lay that's pretty and tells a story? I'll give you my top tips to make your blog look both stylish and professional.

get a good background for the perfect flatlay

Set up your background
You've probably noticed that most flatlays have a themed background - whether it's white marble or wood - the background you use is important in setting the scene. You'll want something that is not too busy but has a gentle gradient or pattern that will complement the rest of your flatlay. I have 3 simple blue tinted wood backgrounds that I use as my backgrounds. You don't need to go out and buy lots of material, I use wallpaper samples which you can buy on eBay for about £2 a piece.

use flowers for great flatlays

Gather your props
I can't stress how important props are to making your flatlays as pretty as you can make them. I either place a collection of white or pink roses in my photos or I use a single flower depending on the kind of image I want. You don't have to buy real flowers (think of the budget you'd need for that!), you can get pretty real looking flowers from eBay, Amazon and The Range who sell some of the best.

add ring trays as decorative items in flatlays

Whilst flowers are integral to my flatlays there is often a lot of space left over in the picture that I need to fill. I like to use items like ring trays, brooches or butterflies to fill that otherwise obvious gap. I also like to use decorative crystals to add a pretty finish to the photo.

great flatlays tips

The crystals look especially effective when placed on top of a flower. Just like the backgrounds you don't need to pay a lot and can easily get ring trays for around £3-£10 on Amazon/ eBay. Decorative items like butterflies, crystals and brooches can be found in craft shops or online again in stores like Amazon.

use books in your flatlays

Other props you can use include books with inspirational wording on the front or even books with a eye-catching cover.

step by step guide on how to create a great flatlay

Set the scene
Once you've got your props together you need to set the scene. Unfortunately it's not enough to just chuck everything in the frame and hope for the best. I often arrange my flowers on the top left or top right of the frame as my central piece. I'll often put the ring trays in the corner to fill up the space and add decorative items where needed.

use books to fill space in flatlays

If the item you're showing is small (ie lipsticks or mascara) put it on top of a number of books so the scene looks fuller.

Once you've followed all these tips you'll soon be on your way to making a great flatlay.
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Thursday, 14 September 2017

20 fantastic Halloween makeup ideas

20 fantastic halloween makeup ideas

This halloween you may be going to a spooktastic event- or even a friend's halloween party. Whatever you're doing you know you want to look the part - and that tired old ghost outfit just doesn't cut it anymore. Here you'll find 20 makeup ideas which will make you the queen of Halloween (see what I did there?!) all the ideas are open to interpretation but you'll find plenty of inspiration on Pinterest if you want to know what sort of style to create.

  • Mermaid - pretty self explanatory and totally in at the moment. You'll certainly stand out amongst all the vampires and witches. 
  • Pretty (scary) scarecrow - add a straw hat, rosy cheeks and a stitched on smile and you'll have this down to a tee.
  • Beetlejuice - whip on a green wig, add some darkness to your eyes and work that pale face. Beetlejuice is a ghost with a difference. 
  • Leopard - one of the most stunning animals in the world. You'll certainly stand out with this look. 
  • Disney princess with a twist - think cute Disney princess like Belle or Snow White and add a little gore. Think open gashes on the cheek, glass ripping through your neck or a high heel in your face. It might require a little work but it will look amazing! Just make sure you don't let any kids see you or they'll be scarred for life. 

halloween horror bride

  • Ghoulish bride - think bride with darkened eyes, blood drenched lips and a pale af face. Basically everything you don't want on your wedding day! 
  • Doll - become your favourite childhood toy with bold pink lips, a stitched up mouth and long fluttering lashes. Don't forget the eyeliner! 
  • Scary red riding hood - we all love that fairy tale Red Riding Hood where our innocent heroine is saved from the wicked wolf. What if she wasn't saved - what do you think she would look like? Think slashed face and damaged eyes. 
  • Spider webs - if you don't like spiders you might want to avoid this one. Draw large creepy spider webs on your face and add a few spiders in your hair. You won't fail to make people jump - especially if the spider falls in their drink! 
  • Cleopatra - go as one of the most famous queens of them all! 
  • Pumpkin - I'm not saying you should rock up in a massive orange costume that you can't walk in, think more spooky pumpkin makeup. Paint your face orange, darken your eyes and nose and make your lips as scary as you can. 
  • Billy - who couldn't forget jigsaws little helper Billy, the scary clown on a bike. As soon as you paint on those little red circles on your cheeks everyone will know who you are. Want to play a game? 
  • Silence of the lambs - that simple moth design is enough to symbolise this unnerving film. Recreate it by painting your face white and drawing a large moth to resemble Buffalo Bills famous calling card. 
  • Scary clown - for some reason clowns scare the bejeebers out of some people. Those big unnatural smiles, fake hair and insane laughs are enough to give anyone nightmares. Make that fear even worse by adding jagged teeth, dark exaggerated eyeliner around the eyes and a pale white face. 
  • Queen of hearts - think a white heart shape painted on your face with bright red lips, little black hearts and rosy red cheeks. 

skull halloween makeup idea

  • Skeleton - what could be scarier than a walking, talking skeleton?! Make it even more glam with curly flowing locks. 
  • Ghoulish avatar - blue face paint is of course a requirement for this look. Make it a little more scary by adding stitches on the face, chest and around the mouth. You could even add fake blood if you really want to go to town. 
  • Scary eyes - pretty much what it says on the tin. Paint huge exaggerated eyes on your face - it will certainly draw you a few looks! 
  • Terminator - show what you're made of with a terminator inspired look. Think frosty makeup and exaggerated metal parts. 
  • Ursula - want a look that is more badass then a mermaid? Why not go as Ursula? Think bright blue eyeshadow, bold red lips, exaggerated curly brows and of course that famous beauty spot.

I hope you have fun this Halloween. Whether you're looking scary or sweet everyone around you is sure in for a treat!


Wednesday, 13 September 2017

Get to know the benefits of natural cosmetics

get to know the benefits of natural cosmetics

Most of us love to look good and young, and one way to achieve that is with cosmetics. But, many creams, lotions and ointments contain chemicals that might not get along with your skin, causing allergies and irritations. If this ever happened to you, it’s high time you switched to natural and organic cosmetics. There are many benefits of using natural cosmetic products, and here are the five most important ones.

why natural cosmetics are great

No more irritation
Regular skin care products and makeup are full of artificial colors, chemicals and fillers that can often cause irritation, breakouts and redness. There are people who are allergic to chemicals found in those products and simply cannot use them. On the other hand, natural and organic makeup and skincare products work to improve your skin, not destroy it. They’re much gentler on the skin and will usually cause no irritation and breakouts. Some women wear makeup 24/7 without thinking of the harmful effects on their skin. That is why women should turn to products rich in natural minerals which will nourish and protect your epidermis. There are number of brands which offer mineral makeup designed to nourish sensitive skin and Young Blood Cosmetics is a great example..

No strange side effects
Preservatives such as parabens are regularly used in mainstream cosmetic products to provide a longer shelf life. Parabens mimic our body’s natural hormones, so they may alter the function of our endocrine system. It’s true that parabens work well as preservatives, but their side effects are still being researched. Organic and natural skin care products and makeup use natural preservatives like grapefruit seed extract that don’t affect your body negatively. Like anything in life, some people can still have an allergic reaction, even to natural makeup. If the product contains natural ingredients such as lanolin that comes from wool, it can cause an adverse reaction. However, the effects of those natural ingredients are much better understood than those from synthetic ingredients and chemicals.

why are natural cosmetics good for you?

No excessive smell
Have you ever wondered why traditional beauty products have such a strong smell? Cosmetics companies use a lot of artificial fragrances to cover up the smell of other chemicals present in the product. So basically, they cover up the smell of chemicals with other chemicals. All those excessive smells can cause headaches, allergies, sinus issues and nausea. On the other hand, natural and organic products don’t contain artificial fragrances but only smell like their natural ingredients. Some natural skin care products can even be used for aromatherapy.

No damage to your skin over time
There is a long list of illnesses that can potentially come out of the constant use of these mainstream products such as irritation, migraine, breathing problems, hormone disruption and even cancer. Synthetics simply don’t have to be in skin care products, but they are cheap and easy to produce, so big companies continue to use them. They can be successful in fighting wrinkles, sun spots or blemishes, but they often cause skin asphyxiation, premature ageing, sun spots and blemishes. See the problem? The can often cause the problem we’re using it to deal with. To avoid falling into that vicious circle try switching to organic cosmetics such as Dr Hauschka skin care line that will make your skin look healthy and radiant, without any side-effects.

No harming of the environment
Traditional beauty products usually have a negative environmental impact. During the manufacturing process, many chemicals end up in the air and water. Same happens right at your home when you use them in the shower and remove your makeup. It all goes down the drain and back to nature. Organic and natural products, on the other hand, are farmed and produced organically, and much fewer chemicals are released into the air and water.

Well, now that you know the benefits of using natural beauty products, there’s no reason for you not to give them a try. Your skin, your health and your planet will be forever grateful.

Guest post by Amy Mia Goldsmith

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