Monday, 29 May 2017

Get a gorgeous pout with the sell out liquid lipstick range by Chloe Ferry

by chloe ferry liquid lipstick in rose

What the brand says
Inspired by her success  on Geordie Shore, Chloe Ferry has launched her debut makeup brand By Chloe Ferry.

Her collection features 12 matte liquid lipsticks that have been so popular they've sold out on numerous occasions since they were first launched. Popular shades include Envy, a neutral shade perfect for day or night, rouge a striking red and plum, a deep purple shade that's perfect for those who want to make a statement.

The lowdown
I was kindly sent the sample Rose from the range to try. The formula is really thick and this helps to get a good application of colour in just two swipes. Rose is a gorgeous colour and I love how strong the pigment is. I did find the lipstick dries really quickly and seems to get a layered effect that looks a bit odd. Whilst the lipstick did apply smoothly in places the quick drying effect meant the finish was not as flawless as I'd have hoped for. It also felt quite drying initially after applying and for a little while after.

by chloe ferry liquid lipstick in rose swatch

In terms of longevity the lipstick is a little below average. It lasts a couple of hours if you're not eating or drinking and a lot less if you are (half of it disappears if you eat or drink anything).

The lip gloss has quite a neon vibe to it and instantly warms my look up. I love the colour and it's perfect for the upcoming summer season, especially for festivals. On the downside it does appear to feel quite drying on the lips and doesn't have the smoothest application.

Overall a good lipstick with a gorgeous colour- the only thing letting down is the drying element of the formula.

I give it 3/5

Check out the range here
before and after by chloe ferry liquid lipstick in rose


  • Fabulous colour that really adds warmth to my look
  • The thick formula gives good coverage


  • A little bit drying which does stop me getting a completely flawless finish
  • Not the most longest lasting lip product so you'll find you'll be reapplying it quite a lot. 

Friday, 26 May 2017

Get perfect metallic nails with Barry M Molten Metal nail paint in Bronze Bae

barry m molten metal nail varnish bronze bae

What the brand says
Barry M's new Molten Metal  nail paint range will get your heart pounding. With electrifying shine the polishes have been designed to wow. Available in 9 shades, the chrome effect finish will glisten for days.

The Lowdown 
The Molten Metal range has so much pretty shades- Holographic Lights is a silver shade in the bottle but has a amazing holographic effect. Blue Glacier has a silver tinge whilst Pink Ice has a hint of mauve.

Whilst all the colours are great for my review I'm testing out Bronze Bae. I love the colour of this nail varnish - a gorgeous shimmery dark gold packed full of gold flecks of glitter. Despite its name Bronze Bae couldn't be further than a bronze nail polish, it has a metallic gold finish with amazing shine.

The nail varnish brush is a great size and is almost big enough to cover my entire nail in one swipe. The formula of the varnish is pretty thick and I only needed 2 coats to get full coverage of my nails. Whilst it has quite a lot of glitter in the formula it certainly doesn't have the grainy feel of a lot of glitter nail varnishes. The formula wasn't gloopy and the brush always applied just the right amount of product to my nails. It dries really quickly and unlike a lot of other nail polishes it didn't smudge when I used my hands shortly after applying.

wearing barry m molten metal nail varnish bronze bae

Bronze Bae is a gorgeous nail varnish that is a winner in so many ways. It dries amazingly quickly so you can avoid accidental smudges, it looks fab and only  takes a few coats to get full coverage. With metallic nails being big news for 2017 you should snap these up fast!

I give it 5/5

Get it for £3.99 at Boots


  • Dries so quickly you can avoid accidental smudging
  • Amazing shine
  • The wide brush allows you to apply more product to your nails painting them faster


  • None that I can see

Thursday, 25 May 2017

I Love Makeup Unicorns Heart highlighter review

i love makeup unicorn heart highlighter

What the brand says
Get a magical unicorn glow with the Rainbow highlighter from I Love Makeup, a highlighter that blends perfectly. So perfect you could say it was made by real unicorns ;)

The lowdown
I've been trying to get my hands on this for weeks and finally after a restock I was successful!

Unicorns heart is a stunning highlighter with bright shimmery colours. In the pan it features a baby pink, gold, light green, baby blue and lilac shades. When swatched the shades were a lot stronger than the Lottie London Mermaid Glow highlighter which I tried recently.

i love makeup unicorn heart highlighter shades

To really show you how the highlighter performs I have filmed how the different shades of the highlighter appear on my face. The gold and pink shades are probably my favourite and give a really lovely soft glow.  The green and baby blue give a amazing frosty highlight but I think perhaps the effect is a little too intense. A small amount is probably plenty with these two shades. The lilac shade is really pretty and provides quite an intense highlight that is not as in your face as the blue and green. Finally I tried all the shades together, the highlighter is of course quite intense and the blue and green does overtake the other colours.

i love makeup unicorn heart highlighter swatch

Unicorns heart works really well individually or in groups of shades and the whole palette gave off a intense highlight. You can go natural or extreme depending on the look you after but I do think the frosty shade is probably too over the top, especially if you prefer a natural look.

All the highlighters are extremely long lasting and by the evening the highlight was still visible.

At its great value for money and very much worth buying!

I give it 5/5

Grab it now for £5 at Tambeauty

  • Fantastic budget buy
  • Gives fabulous highlight and can give a low key or intense look
  • The shades can be worn alone or together
  • The blue and green colours are pretty intense and can overtake the other shades, especially if you wear them all together.

Wednesday, 24 May 2017

10 healthy breakfasts that still taste great

10 healthy breakfasts that still taste great

A fried english breakfast is a British tradition and it tastes amazing - but is it good for you? Hell no! Whilst I love a bit of grease in my breakfast now and again I try to limit how much fat I put into my diet. You don't have to scrimp on taste  when you have a healthy breakfast- here's some ideas on some recipes you can try.

Banana, peanut butter and chia seed toast
When I was a kid my mum always  used to give me banana sandwiches. Peanut butter, bananas and chia seeds on toast is a healthy twist on the idea, perfect for getting your energy boost for the day ahead.
Why it's good for you

  • Peanut butter is great for adding protein and potassium into your diet which lower the risk of high blood pressure, stroke and  heart disease. It's also great for your bowel as it contains healthy fats and magnesium to fortify your bones and muscles. 
  • Chia seeds are a fabulous source of Omega-3 fatty acids.

berry and yoghurt smoothie healthy breakfast

Berry and yoghurt smoothie
I bet if you've got a sweet tooth you love milkshakes. I prefer my milkshakes thin - Patisserie Valerie make the best in the world - if you haven't tried them you need to! The berry and yoghurt smoothie is similar to a milkshake, only without the unhealthiness you attribute to ice cream. Blend strawberries, blueberries and banana with milk, juice or coconut water. A great way to enjoy this treat is to freeze it and drink it as it thaws the next morning.
Why it's good for you

  • Strawberries are a fabulous source of Vitamin C and K and provide a lot of fibre, folic acid, manganese and potassium. 
  • Blueberries contain phenol like antioxidants such as pterostilbene and resveratrol. They also contain Vitamin K and Vitamin C. 
  • Bananas are packed full of pectin which is a soluble dietary fibre and detoxifying agent.  They also contain prebiotics that encourage the growth of healthy bacteria in the bowel. You'll also be bound to get your potassium fix with bananas, by incorporating them into your diet you have a 27% lower risk of getting heart disease. 

Quinoa fruit salad
Fruit salads are great and they taste fabulous but eating the same thing can get boring. Why not spice your fruit salad up by adding a sprinkle of quinoa. toss it all over your salad to ensure it's evenly distributed and then enjoy.
Why it's good for you

  • Quinoa is a fantastic source of protein as it contains more essential amino acids then any other grain.

Quinoa and chia porridge
Like porridge but not keen on the high sugar content of a lot of branded  products? Quinoa provides a great spin on traditional porridge - and it contains lysine a amino acid a lot of traditional grains lack. You can cook it in milk and add chia seeds, spices and fruit to add a little variety to the taste.
Why it's good for you

  • Lysine is essential for tissue growth and repair - and as so many other fruits lack it, it's a fantastic ingredient to incorporate into your diet. 

avocado toast with egg healthy breakfast

Avocado toast with egg
Runny eggs on toast with a steaming hot cup of tea is my idea of the perfect chilled out Sunday morning. You can make it a little healthier - and add a extra texture by using avocado. Simply break up the avocado, spread it on wholegrain toast and then place two sunny side eggs on top. Alternatively you can scramble your eggs for a bit of variation.
Why it's good for you

  • Avocados are one of the best foods you could eat - they're packed full with nearly 20 vitamins and minerals. It's also full of monounsaturated fatty acids.
  • Eggs are not just tasty they're really good for you too. A large egg is only around 77 calories, contains 5 grams of fat, 6 grams of protein and all 9 essential amino acids. It's also rich in iron, phosphorous, selenium and Vitamins A, B12, B2 and B5. Your mum gave you all those boiled eggs for a reason when you were growing up!

Sausage surprise
You may think you have to give up all your favourite foods when you're eating healthily but that's simply not true. The egg, cheese (camembert is great as it's low fat) and sausage  casserole is a healthy alternative to a old favourite. Simply layer vegetables, sausage and cheese in a crock pot then top with a mixture of eggs and cream. Put it in your slow cooker overnight and you'll wake up to a house that smells ah-mazing.
Why it's good for you

  • The sausages aren't fried so you won't be incorporating unnecessarily grease into your diet
  • Sausages are not all doom and gloom as they contain 11g of protein. It'll also stop you getting ill as processed pork is packed full of selenium, a micronutrient and essential component of your thyroid gland.

egg breakfast muffin healthy breakfast

Egg breakfast muffin
Muffins taste fabulous but they're full of sugar - till now. These egg breakfast muffins taste amazing but they're not packed full of sugar so they're super good for you. Simply blend eggs with spinach, bacon and cheese before pouring into muffin tins. Bake for 15 minutes and enjoy straight away or save for later. Can be enjoyed hot or cold.
Why it's good for you

  • Spinach is great as it's low in fat and even lower in cholesterol. You'll also find protein, fibre, vitamins A, C, E and K in addition to niacin and  zinc. 
  • Cheese is packed full of calcium which is great for healthy bones. It's also got a lot of Vitamin D to help your body absorb the calcium, folic acid, zinc, phosphorus and Vitamins A, B2, B12 and K2. Make sure you try to avoid too much of the fatty stuff though (cough* cheddar *cough*)

Healthy breakfast sandwich
If you've been craving a fried breakfast I have the perfect solution for you. The healthy breakfast sandwich allows you to enjoy a fried egg on toast- you can making frying a lot healthier by using sunflower oil which contains heart-healthy unsaturated fats. Place arugula into the pan and pour over lemon juice before frying your eggs with a dash of salt and pepper. Place on top of wholemeal toast layered wiht mozzarella and sprinkle with a touch of Feta cheese.
Why it's good for you

  • Feta cheese is only 74 calories but contains 4 grams of protein. You'll also find a lot of key vitamins and minerals.
  • Mozzarella contains a large amount of phosphorus which helps your body to absorb calcium from foods. It also helps to assist digestions and the proper function of your kidneys.

peanut butter and banana smoothie healthy breakfasts

Peanut butter and banana smoothie
You've probably tried  peanut butter with bananas but what about mixed into a smoothie? The smoothie certainly provides a unique twist on a traditional recipe - it's always good to try new things right! Blend together frozen bananas, peanut butter, almond milk, greek yoghurt, honey and some ice.
Why it's good for you

  • The smoothie will give you a natural sugar kick so you won't have to resort to your stash of kitkats or twix for a mid morning boost.
  • Greek yoghurt is full of probiotic cultures and is lower in lactose then traditional yoghurts. It contains a lot of calcium, potassium, protein, zinc and Vitamins B6 and B12 so you'll certainly feel healthier for eating it.

Baked bean and sweet potato burrito
Who would've thought you could be eating a burrito first thing in the morning! The burrito gives you all the taste of a breakfast wrap with much healthier content. Fry eggs with tomatoes, mushrooms and red onions in a pan filled with sunflower oil. Cook your sweet potatoes separately and then add to your burrito. Make sure you use whole wheat tortillas as you'll avoid unnecessarily calories.
Why it's good for you

  • Whole wheat tortillas are fully of healthy carbohydrates and are high in fibre.
  • Mushrooms contains a lot of selenium which is great for a healthy bladder.  They also contain a lot of Vitamin D
  • Sweet potatoes are a lot healthier then traditional potatoes and still taste great. They contain a lot of beta-carotene which is a fabulous source of Vitamin A,  Vitamin C, manganese, copper, pantothenic acid and Vitamin B6. Other benefits include a source of potassium, the dietary fibre niacin, Vitamin B1, Vitamin B2 and phosphorus, a real all rounder!


Tuesday, 23 May 2017

Primark PS.. Pro Color Corrector Primer

primark ps... pro colour corrector primer

What the brand says
Want to skip the heavy foundation and concealer? Primark PS..Pro Colour Corrector primer is the perfect solution to help prep and perfect your skin ready for makeup. The primer has SPF 30 and is perfect for brightening skin.

The Lowdown
The majority of primers I have used tend to be clear or creamy based so it was unusual to come across a primer with a colour tint. The primer has a light cream consistency with a baby yellow colouring.

The primer is easy to apply and absorbed into my skin quickly without any excess product. Whilst the primer does add brightness to my face and covers some redness, it doesn't work very well in correcting the deep redness of my dark circles.

Over the course of the day my makeup did start to fade, especially my foundation, and it didn't last as long as other primers I've used.

primark ps... pro colour corrector primer swatch

This is one of the pricier items in the Primark beauty range and I have to say I'm disappointed. The colour corrector element was ok at lightening some of the redness on my face but I still needed to use foundation and concealer to fully cover my blemishes. I definitely didn't use any less of my usual products after using the primer. By the evening my makeup looked a lot less fresh especially in contrast to my usual primer.

If you're looking for a primark primer I'd probably recommend Primark ps.. Perfect Glow. It's cheaper and has a much longer lasting effect.

before and after using primark ps... pro colour corrector primer

I give it 2/5

You can get the primer for £5 in all good Primark stores


  • It does work in brightening some of the redness on my face but not all of it
  • Has SPF 30
  • Despite having a colour correcting element I still used the same amount of foundation and concealer
  • By the evening my makeup was not as fresh as when I used my normal primer.

Monday, 22 May 2017

How to straighten your hair

how to straighten your hair

Different hairstyles go in and out of fashion, but since convenient home hair straighteners have come onto the market, sleek straight hair has been consistently on trend. Some people are lucky enough to be born with naturally straight hair, but for those of us without such a luxury, frizz-, curl- and kink-free styles can require a bit more time and effort. To help you get that beautiful straight look here’s our go to guide on how to straighten hair.
Using the right equipment
To achieve the straight locks of your dreams, the first step you must take is choosing a flat iron or straightener that matches your hair length and type. This way, the straightening process will be easier, quicker and less damaging to your hair.
Check which size straightener you should use:
  • 1/2″: pixie haircuts and bangs
  • 1″: short, thin hair
  • 1 ¼″: shoulder-length, medium-thick hair
  • 1 ½″: long, thick, curly, coarse hair  
  • 2″: very long and thick hair
Before getting your heat styling tool ready, here are the top tips from experts when it comes to straightening your locks:  
  • If you’re buying straighteners go for the ceramic type. They heat up quicker and have a smoother surface, guaranteeing much better results. Ceramic plates also allow an even distribution of heat and will be less likely to damage your hair.  
  • Avoid setting the temperature of your flat iron higher than 185°C. If your hair is thin, the heat should be between 150-160°C only.
  • To improve your final straight look, use a thermal brush at the roots while using the flat iron so that you get more volume at the top of your head.
  • Try to not straighten your hair every day. Giving your locks time off from the tongs will reduce the risk of long-term damage and breakage.
  • Ask your hairdresser for product recommendations that suit your hair type. Using a protective spray is essential and there are lots of different products on the market for you to choose from.
How to straighten hair: step by step
New to hair straightening or want to know how the professionals do it? It’s easier than you thought! Just make sure you make a note of all the tips mentioned above and you can turn your hair straightener on:
  1. Start by making sure your hair is clean and conditioned. It’s much easier to straighten clean hair – even a little bit of grease can react to heat and create much-dreaded frizz. Conditioning your hair prior to straightening also helps to make sure the hair strands are supple enough to bend into position without breaking.
  2. Ensure your hair is completely dry. Unless you’re using a specialist wet-to-dry straightening tool, your hair will need to be completely dry before starting. This makes it difficult to do directly after using a hair dryer as even the most thorough drying sessions tend to leave at least some parts slightly damp. Allow 30 minutes to pass between blow drying and straightening your hair (you can apply your make-up or choose an outfit during this time). This should allow every strand of hair to be completely moisture free before straightening.
  3. Always use a protective spray. Despite the real advances made in straightening tong technology over recent years, straightening your hair can still cause some damage. Reduce the impact of heat by using a spray specifically designed to protect your locks before using the hair straightener. Be sure to apply liberally, separating your hair into sections to make it easier.
  4. Straighten each section separately. If you want to know how to straighten hair like a pro, this step is key. By partitioning your hair into small sections and straightening each part in turn, rather than doing big sections in one go, you’re more likely to get salon results!

These are just a few quick and easy tips on how to straighten hair. Keep this guide to hand as you style away and give your locks the straightening treatment they deserve.
Guest post by Joanne Teixeira

Friday, 19 May 2017

Soul Tree Colour Kajals review

soul tree colour kajals

What the brand says
Soultree Cosmetics was born in 2002 when a visit to the Himalayas revealed a community living in harmony with nature; giving back as much goodness as they took.Wanting to create a cosmetics range that used only authentic natural products they searched high and low to ensure they sourced ingredients that were free of harmful chemicals.

Soultree's handmade kajals are created using carbon black from vegetable oil lamps, organic ghee, natural mineral colours and organic almond oil. The kajals come in 12 shades and are perfect for lining your eyes.

The Lowdown
It's rare to see a makeup brand that is committed to ensuring their products are sustainable and made purely with entirely natural materials. Considering the limited ingredients the kajals look very similar to a typical factory branded product that use a lot of chemicals. It just goes to show you don't always need hundreds of ingredients to make a good products.

soul tree colour kajals swatch

The kajals have a crayon like tip and the end is quite chunky. The product is quite smooth and silky and went easily onto my eye without feeling like it was dragging. I did find it a little hard to get a precise line as the nib was so chunky. For the review I tested Cold Black and 24 Carat a gold sparkly shade. Both liners had a fair amount of pigment but 24 Carat was a little harder to see as the gold tint was quite light. I also had to apply 24 Carat more than Cold Black in order to get a visible effect. I did like the subtle gold shimmer that ran through 24 Carat. As it is such a light shade you really need to wear it without eyeshadow to get its full effect.

soul tree colour kajals cold black on

soul tree colour kajals 24 carat on

If you can't use a lot of products as you're allergic to the ingredients, or you don't like the idea of using products with chemicals in Soultree Color Kajals are definitely worth giving a go. They have a decent amount of pigment, feel gentle on the eye and give a lot back to the community. The only downside I can probably see is the thickness means you won't really get a tight precise line like you do with thinner liners.

I give it 4/5

You can shop the range for £13.90 at Pravera


  • Available in 12 fab shades
  • Soultree really care about the environment and giving back so all their ingredients are carefully  sourced
  • Easy to apply and it feels gentle on the skin
  • Decent amount if pigment


  • The fatness of the product tip means the effect you get is not precise and accurate

Thursday, 18 May 2017

Get your glow on - 8 bronzers you need this summer

get your glow on 8 bronzers you need this summer

With Summer just around the corner (despite what the weather forecast says) it's time to ditch the pale look and get your glow on. I've been looking at some of the hottest bronzers for 2017 and I'm sharing them with you today.

get your glow on 8 bronzers you need this summer budget
Givenchy Healthy Glow and Body Bronzing Powder
With its gorgeous floral design Givenchy Healthy Glow and Body bronzing powder is perfect for the upcoming summer months. Made with a talc free formula your skin will be left looking radiant with a healthy looking glow.
£50.33 at Sephora 

ELF Baked Highlighter and Bronzer Bronzed Glow
Want a gorgeous glow but don't have the budget? This bronzer/highlighter duo from ELF is perfect for the budget strapped beauty fan. The highlighter has a gorgeous illuminating shimmer whilst the bronzer adds a natural looking contour.
£5 at Superdrug 

Benefit Cheek Parade blusher and bronzer palette
Who wouldn't want £122.00 worth of product for just £49.50!? The new Benefit Cheek Parade blusher and bronzer palette incorporates some of Benefit's best sellers including the new Galifornia golden pink blush, new Hoola lite bronzer, the original matte bronzer and more. It's available in 5 shades to suit all skin tones and includes their helpful tricks and tips. The palette is limited edition so you'll need to get in there quick!
Grab it now for £49.50 at House of Fraser 

Bare Minerals Invisible Bronze powder
Bare Minerals Invisible Bronze powder uses unique technology to capture the natural warmth of a healthy sun kissed glow. Created with a silky, soft formula Invisible Bronze will feel lovely on your skin.
Get it for £25 at Feel Unique 

get your glow on 8 bronzers you need this summer too faced lancome
Too Faced Pink Leopard blushing powder
I love the unique leopard design of this Too Faced bronzer. With a mixture of golden bronzes, delicate pinks and neutral tones Pink Leopard blushing bronzer creates a gorgeous sun kissed glow.
Get it for £25 at Selfridges 

Max Factor Creme Bronzer in light gold
I love a bronzer that's a little different to the norm. Max Factor Creme Bronzer is created with  ultra-blendable streak free baked minerals which are perfect to create a natural glow.
Grab it for £7.99 (normally £9.99) at Superdrug 

Lancome Star Bronzer Mineral matte long lasting bronzing powder
Give your skin a healthy radiant glow with Lancome Star Bronzer. The bronzer has a gorgeous floral embossing and has a silky, oil free formula to help combat shine and dullness. It even comes fortified with SPF 15 to help shield from UVA rays.
Grab it for £30.60  (normally £36.00) at Look Fantastic 

Hourglass Ambient Lighting bronzer in Luminous bronze
Formulated with transparent particles that work on brightening and illuminating your complexion, Hourglass Ambient Lighting bronzer is perfect for adding natural warmth to the face. It's free from parabens, talc and fragrance and uses photoluminescent technology for multi dimensional colour.
Get it for £22 at Net-a-Porter

Wednesday, 17 May 2017

Essence Volume Stylist Curl and Hold mascara review

essence volume stylist curl and hold mascara review

What the brand says
Who doesn't want long lasting volume and incredible curl? Essence have come up trumps yet again with their latest mascara Essence Volume Stylist Curl and Hold.

The Lowdown 
I've only just started trying out Essence cosmetics and I'm already a convert. I recently tried out their I Love Extreme Crazy Volume mascara and All About Bronze eyeshadow palette which I was really impressed with, especially as they're a budget friendly brand. Out shopping recently I saw the new Volume Stylist Curl and Hold mascara.

essence volume stylist curl and hold mascara brush

The mascara has been formulated with micro styling waxes to give extra hold, volume and curl. It has a bristle brush that comes loaded in creamy, black mascara. The brush has a slight curve and the bristles go from small to large on each side. The formula is pretty thick but I wouldn't go as far as saying it was gloopy.

I've tried quite a few mascaras recently and I've been left feeling disappointed. They're normally good at first but then the effects start to fade and they don't work so well anymore. With Essence Volume Stylist Curl and Hold I definitely feel like I've uncovered a mascara with a winning formula. As soon as I started applying Volume Stylist Curl and Hold I noticed how my quickly the formula worked in adding length and volume to my lashes.  The formula is quite gentle on the eyes, there was no irritation and I wasn't left with crispy lashes. The size of the brush also made it easier to coat most of my  lashes without having to keep applying more mascara. I did notice a small element of clumping but it wasn't massive and could easily be separated with a lash divider.

The mascara is really long lasting and the effect lasts all day without wilting or leaving me with panda eyes. I love how easy it is to work with, there's no panda eyes or irritation. A great budget mascara that really pulls out all the stops to make your eyes the main attraction.

essence volume stylist curl and hold mascara before and after

I give it 4/5

Get it for £3 at Wilkinsons online or instore

  • Leaves lashes looking volumised and lengthened
  • The effect lasts all day without smudging or wilting
  • Gentle formula that doesn't leave you with crispy lashes
  • Doesn't irritate eyes
  • No panda eyes!
  • Budget friendly price of just £3!
  • Tiny element of clumpiness 

Tuesday, 16 May 2017

How I love to spend me time

how i love to spend me time

I love those moments when the weekend arrives and I know I can sit back, relax and enjoy the things I really love doing. Want to know what makes me tick? Here's a sneak peek.

how i love to spend me time entering competitions

Entering competitions
I love the thrill of winning so entering competitions is the perfect hobby for me. I don' t get a huge amount of time in the week but try to enter as many as I can at the weekend. Wins this year include a 55" 4k TV, £30 boots vouchers, loads of snacks and a few other items. A totally worthwhile hobby!
Check out my tips for entering competitions

how i love to spend me time eating out

Eating out
When I can I love to eat out. Whilst I'm not a huge food connoisseur I do love american and italian food, especially Zizzi's. I recently went to GBK Burger with my cousins and loved it - their burgers are ah-mazing. Heaven in a burger!

how i love to spend me time trying new stuff

Trying out new stuff
From new makeup to new crisps or chocolate I get really excited when I see new stuff on the shelf. I'm always looking for solutions to problems as well, so if I see a new beauty product that promises a cure to dark circles I can't help but snap it up.

how i love to spend me time shopping

What girl doesn't love shopping? I do like to hit the highstreet every month to see what catches my eye. I can be quite particular though and I know if I really like something I simply can't walk away. Being a impulse buyer can be a bit annoying sometimes. I have to say I prefer online shopping mainly because you can buy what you want without having to worry about  the weight of the bags!

how i love to spend me time cinema

Going to the cinema
For me cinema is a time where I can chill out and enjoy a Tango Ice Blast (and the film of course). I'm not a massive moviegoer but if there's something I really want to see then I have to go. I just wish it wasn't so expensive!

how i love to spend me time reading
At the moment I have a massive pile of glossy magazines to get through so I'm majorly behind on reading the books I own. I love a good thriller and crime book and James Patterson is one of my favourite writers. My new year's resolution this year was to read more so perhaps I'll achieve that by the end of the year!

So that's most of the things I do in my spare time - apart from blogging of course. What sort of things do you love to do when you have a moment to yourself? Let me know in the comments below! :)

Monday, 15 May 2017

MUA Burning Embers eyeshadow palette

mua burning embers palette

What the brand says
MUA Burning Embers palette has been created with 25 matte and pearl shades that are adaptable enough to suit all skin tones. The shades in the palette have been designed to harmonise and complement each other, so a range of different looks can be created without having to worry about not having the right colour available. With a mixture of different tones and textures the palette is perfect for adding dimension and depth to your look.

mua burning embers palette shades

The Lowdown
The eyeshadow is quite crumbly, especially the matte shadows. After one use the eyeshadow pans of some of the shades were quite messy so  I can't see that this will be the most long lasting palette. Most of the matte shades had a decent amount of pigment in, although there were a few of course that were very faint and hardly noticeable at all (number 1, 4 and 6). The shimmery shades are lovely and I especially love how strong and intense the last 5 shades are (20 to 25)

mua burning embers palette swatch

When I was trying out the palette I decided to go for two looks - one using the pink shades and one using gold, brown and dark purple. If you want to recreate the looks here's what you need to do:

Pink inspiration
1. I started off by applying the matte coral pink all over my lids
2. The shimmery mid pink was applied to the inner 1/3 of my eye
3. I added a touch of contrast to the look by applying the dark purple shade to the  outer 2/3 of my eye

mua burning embers palette pink inspiration look

Gold splendour
1. I began by applying the dark gold shade to the inner 1/3 of my eye.
2. I blended the light brown onto the outer 2/3.
3. To add more smokiness to the look  I applied the dark brown to the corners and blended it out.

mua burning embers palette gold splendour look

The shades were pretty easy to blend together although I did notice a little bit of fall out around my eyes when applying.

I did notice a few of the shades are actually a different colour on the skin then they are in the pan. A prime example of this would be number 21 which appears to be a plum shade in the pan; whilst on it is a lot more pink. The light brown which I applied in Gold Splendour is actually more purple/pink then brown.

I found that some of the shades lasted all day without losing any colour intensity whilst others started to crease almost straight away. I wouldn't say I have overly oily skin on my eyes so I found this a bit odd, especially as both looks were created using shimmery eyeshadows.

Overall my feelings about this palette are mixed. Whilst some of the shades work really well and others don't. Whilst I'm not sure the entire palette really works, there's certainly some winners and it's great for creating so many different looks to suit day or night. On the downside the eyeshadow is crumbly, it starts to crease after a few hours and some of the shades and the colours aren't what they appear to be. Whilst the latter is not a major issue, if you were expecting one thing and get another you might be a bit annoyed. For the money you're not losing too much but just be aware it's a little hit and miss.

I give it 3/5

Grab it for £8.00 at MUA online


  • 25 matte and shimmery shades in one palette, perfect for travelling or your holidays
  • The shades are fairly pigmented


  • Some of the shades crease pretty easily
  • You get a lot of product breakage when applying so it might not last as long as you want
  • There is also fall out when applying.

Friday, 12 May 2017

Spring makeup wishlist

spring makeup wishlist

This Spring there's a lot of lipstick and highlighters that have really caught my eye. I often use makeup to enhance my best features so this months makeup wishlist really focused on this. Lipstick and highlighter are perfect for adding shape and  dimension to your face and can add a finishing touch to your everyday look.  Of course there's a few other winners in there including the super cheap but stunning pearlescent nail varnish from Miss Sporty.

spring makeup wishlist ysl touche eclat glow shot

Yves Saint Laurent Touche Eclat Glow Shot
The latest complexion enhancing product from YSL is enriched with hyaluronic acid, Vitamin E, antioxidants and golden pigments to eliminate signs of fatigue and leave skin glowing. It can be used mixed into your foundation for a dewy finish, or even as a highlighter.
Get it for £22.50 at Selfridges 

Tom Ford Soleil Contouring compact
It may be expensive but it's certainly pretty! The new Tom Ford face palette features a highlighter, blusher and bronzer to add natural colour and dimension to the face.
Get it for £78 at Selfridges

Collistar Ti Amo 500 Strobing Look
The latest palette - a collaboration between Fiat 500 and Collistar - is super cute. This unique palette can be used as both a eyeshadow and highlighter and encourages you to play with new makeup techniques.
£25.30 at Feelunique 

spring makeup wishlist bagsy wonderwand concealing and illuminating duo

Bagsy Beauty Wonder Wand Concealing and Illuminating duo
I've seen double sided blushers and contour sticks but I've not seen a double sided concealer/highlighter stick before. The two in one  illuminating duo masks blemishes with a concealing shade, whilst illuminating skin with the other. The compact size of the stick means you get double the product but still have space in your makeup bag for more makeup!
Get it for £18.00 at Feel Unique 

Dior Diorskin Nude Air loose face powder
The new Diorskin is certainly impressive with a new formula that contains airy powder which help to maintain the illusion of a fresh, radiant face. The loose face powder helps you to achieve the perfect shade without altering your skin tone and leaving a luminous velvet finish. It sounds sublime.
Get it for £36 at Boots 

Vincent Longo Dewdrop Radiant blusher
I don't know what you think but the image of this blusher is almost magical. Vincent Longo Dewdrop radiant blusher is formulated with subtle pearl shimmer to reflect light, and is easily buildable for  a lit from within look.
Get it for £23 at HQ Hair 

spring makeup wishlist ysl red vibes lipstick
YSL Beauty Women's Valentines Red Vibes Edition
I love a limited edition makeup and the Red Vibes YSL collection really ticks all the boxes. Available in 3 popular shades the lipstick is adorned with a guitar; perfect for embodying the rock chick personality of YSL.
Get it for £28.06 at Barneys New York 

Miss Sporty Precious Pearl nail polish
The new precious pearl nail polishes are gorgeous, and they're super cheap too at the budget friendly price of £1.99. What more could you want!?
 Get it for £1.99 at Superdrug 

Laura Geller New York Iconic Baked Sculpting lipstick in Central Park Spice
Laura Geller's latest lipstick has a non dying formula that leaves lips with vibrant colour. The formula uses unique pigments that are Artisan baked for 24 hours. I'm loving Central Park Spice, a bold vibrant red shade.
Get it for £16 at Beauty Expert 

Hourglass Immaculate liquid powder foundation
Who wants a foundation that absorbs oil, camouflages imperfections and leaves skin with a velvet finish? Me! Hourglass Immaculate liquid foundation has a long lasting formula that transforms from a liquid to a powder and dries into a lightweight matte finish. It has buildable medium to full skin coverage and is available in 22 shades. Perfect for oily or blemish prone skin.
Get it for £43.65 at Barney's New York


Thursday, 11 May 2017

The new beauty trend of 2017: faux freckles

faux freckles beauty trend 2017

I've always seen freckles a symbol of beauty and now the beauty industry is finally recognising this in the latest trend; faux freckles.

In terms of trends faux freckles is probably one of the easiest to master - you won't need any particular techniques like you do with strobing or contouring.

Freckles are typically a very natural thing so when you're applying false freckles, you want it to look as natural as possible. Look for a eye/ brow pencil that is around one shade lighter than your natural hair colour and lightly dot them onto your skin, around the nose and cheeks where the sun naturally hits.

faux freckles beauty trend 2017 brow pencil

I do have a few natural freckles, but they only really tend to come out in the height of summer when I spend a lot of time in the sun. I did find it quite hard to find a light brow pencil and a lot of the ones I saw were all pretty dark. In the end I found Maybelline Master Shape in Dark Blonde which was a little bit lighter than my natural hair shade.

So what do you think of the faux freckles look? Is it something that you'll be trying?


Wednesday, 10 May 2017

L'Oreal Mega Volume Baby Roll Mascara review

loreal mega volume baby roll mascara

L'Oreal are back with the new mascara Mega Volume Baby Roll that they claim will transform your lashes with dramatic volume, curl and all day hold.

Part of the highly successful Mega Volume range, I snapped up Baby Roll the moment I saw it. The packaging is super fun and playful and unusually for L'Oreal it's available in four shades - the perfect festival mascara.

So of course as I do with any L'Oreal mascara I put it to the test in a first impression video review. Watch on to see how Baby Roll looks on my lashes and if it makes lashes look as fabulous as L'Oreal claim.


So what do you think of Baby Roll? Would you say other L'Oreal mascaras are better? I love to know your thoughts!        

Get it for £7.99 at Superdrug


Tuesday, 9 May 2017

May Netflix Faves

may netflix faves

Pretty Little Liars is back with a bang and 13 Thirteen Reasons Why is the most talked about series for months. Netflix is where it's at at the moment and I'm loving all the latest upcoming TV programmes and films. Here's the lowdown on some of my current faves.

girl boss netflix favourite

Girl Boss
I only saw this at the weekend and I've watched the whole series already. The series begins in 2007 when the neurotic but ambitious Sophia wants to make her mark on the world with her passion for fashion. Sophia establishes her vintage clothes business on Ebay - Nasty Gal - and sets about taking it to the top. She soon finds herself up against the jealous actions of a number of other vintage Ebay sellers and when she is blocked from Ebay she takes it to the next level with the creation of her own website. I love how the show still remains funny despite Sophia's constant strops or flapping about the various obstacles she comes up against. Her friendship with Annie is sweet and stays strong despite Sophia's slight neurotic nature in regards to the running of Nasty Gal. Worth a watch.

bates motel netflix favourite

Bates Motel
It's back for the fourth season and it's as dark as ever. In case you didn't know Bates Motel is the prequel to Psycho the Hitchcock thriller. Despite being a prequel however, Bates Motel is set in modern day, a little ironic considering Psycho is set in the 1960's. The first three series follow Norman as he unravels and his psyche starts to come undone. The fourth is pretty much the climax to this as his murderous spree continues. Anyone who saw Psycho would know that Norman keeps his mother in the basement and the last series of Bates Motel really kind of ties the two elements together. I'm not going to give too much away but some of the final scenes are quite haunting, especially with the notes of Sandman playing. If you like your thrillers you should definitely give this a go!

law abiding citizen netflix favourite

Law Abiding Citizen
This isn't new but this 2009 Gerard Butler thriller is one thrill ride you won't want to get off. The film begins when Butler's character Clyde Shelton is tied up and forced to watch as his wife and daughter are killed in a home invasion. When the case goes to court one of the murderers cuts a deal with the prosecutor Nick Rice to exchange his testimony against his partner in crime in order to be released. Shocked at the lack of justice Shelton sees red and vows to wreak vengeance on all those who failed to give him and his family justice. The film takes you on a dramatic ride as each person directly or indirectly involved in the murders is killed in a inventive and explosive way. The film is very clever and will keep you guessing throughout. When the killings continue even when Shelton is imprisoned the police fear there is someone on the outside. The film races to a climax as Rice realises the truth and comes up with a plan to stop a bomb destroying the lives of many other innocents indirectly involved with the death of Shelton's family. After watching the film I do think Shelton goes a little out of control but it makes for one entertaining movie. Highly recommended!                                                
pretty little liars netflix favourite
Pretty Little Liars
They're back for the final part of the seventh series. As I've only recently got into Pretty Little Liars I had the luxury of being able to watch every series back to back without having to wait for them to release the nxt episodes. Now I've caught up I'm having to wait like everyone else - and it's rubbish! The latest episode catches up with the girls in Rosewood just after Spencer is shot. She turns out to be fine and the new A sets their 'final game' into action. I love the little board game element that has been created and I'm excited to see how it plays out. As ever I'm dying to know who the new A is and I really can't think who it might be!    

13 reasons why netflix favourite
13 Reasons Why
So 13 Reasons Why as I mentioned earlier has become one of the most talked about series on  Netflix. Based on the bestseller 13 Reasons Why, the program follows Hannah as she explains in 13 tapes the reasons why she took her life. The tapes are passed to each of the 13 people involved and they have to listen to see what their part in her death was. The program follows the main character Clay, Hannah's crush, as he listens to the tapes and relives each moment as she saw it. From bullying to sexual assault, every action has a consequence and only adds to the mental torture that Hannah suffers. The program really makes you think, if only Hannah had a friend or someone she could talk to things would be so very different.  Whilst the program isn't overly graphic the suicide scene is really quite distressing and very much brings to focus the extent of Hannah's suffering. Despite backlash against this the writers wanted to make it as graphic as possible in order to raise awareness of how suicide is not peaceful and painless; instead it is a painful excruciating end to all hopes and dreams. In a sense that is true and it really makes you think. 13 Reasons Why is a heartbreaking watch, but it's also compelling and really makes you think of how important it is to talk when you're suffering from depression and mental illness.
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