Five tips for getting the most out of your beauty bucks

five tips for getting the most out of your beauty bucks

gorgeous doesn’t have to result in the spending of lots of money. By
knowing what skincare products you should be buying and focusing on
your skin’s specific needs, instead of getting fooled by clever
marketing, you get value for money as well as a beautiful complexion.
Here are some important skincare tips to bear in mind.

Exfoliation Your First Step

away dead skin first – this is an important part of your skincare
routine because it

helps products you apply to get better absorbed into your skin.
Why is this important? Exfoliation enables the products you apply to
your skin to work more effectively and show you the results you want.
If you don’t exfoliate, you’re applying skincare products to this
surface barrier of skin, which wastes them because they won’t be
able to penetrate it.  

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It Simple

are many products out there, all promising to do different things for
your skin, but if you use too many of them you can actually create
problems for your skin. For instance, overuse of products can cause
skin irritation. Stick to a
simple skin routine because your skin actually needs less, not
more, to look its healthiest! When you have a skincare routine that’s
minimal and works for your skin, stick to it instead of thinking you
need to change it.

Don’t Change, Your Skincare Routine With The Seasons

always told to change our skincare routines and products when the
seasons change because our skin requires different things, but this
doesn’t mean a complete change to your skincare products. Just one or
two changes are all you need to keep your skin glowing. If you’re
going to change one skincare product, make it your moisturiser. When
the weather gets colder, your moisturiser should be thicker to
provide you with a stronger barrier to the harsh elements. In summer,
your moisturiser should be thinner. Serums are nice and light while
infusing your skin with nutrients to keep it gorgeous.

Can Mix ‘N Match Products From Different Lines

we’re encouraged to stick to the same skincare product line, this
isn’t always realistic. Sometimes one or two products will be good
for us, while others in the line are not suited to our skin types.
You can mix and match products without feeling that you have to use
all the items in one line. Focus on what’s better for your skin and
target your specific skin problems to get the most value from a range
of different products.

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Use DIY Whenever You Can

of lashing out money for the latest exfoliating product or face mask,
make your own with ingredients found right in your kitchen. For
instance, bicarb and honey makes for a great face scrub, while
bananas are a skin-nourishing ingredient that work as a face mask to
give you radiant, softer skin in an instant. DIY products not only
cut back on your spending but they are also better for your skin by
preventing the use of harsh chemicals. Lots of highly-fragranced,
expensive products contain toxins that are not only damaging to your
health but can cause skin problems, so avoid them in favor of
natural, nourishing ingredients.

beautiful skin doesn’t mean you should be buying lots of expensive
skin products. It is more about being smarter about skincare. Follow
the above tips to save money and get radiant, healthy skin.

Guest post by Mark Kirkpatrick.