Tuesday, 12 April 2016

Easy everyday hairstyles

When it comes to styling my hair I want something that is relatively quick but still looks put together and relatively glamorous. Who doesn't want to look put together at 8am in the morning!?

I have a number of key go to looks I use that are quick to pull together in the morning but still look really presentable.

Keeping it simple
I use my straighteners to straighten my hair leaving it looking sleek. This is really quick and probably takes about 5 minutes to complete.

everyday hairstyles straight hair
Curly ends
This look doesn't take as long to create as a full head of curls but still looks uber glam. I use my straighteners to curl only the lower ends of my hair.
easy everyday hairstyles curly ends

Parisian chic
A small french plait in the front of my hair looks gorgeous and only takes about ten minutes to complete. To create the look I take three pieces of hair, pull the left piece over the middle and then move the right piece of hair into the middle and repeating the process. You can see a video on exactly how I create the look here. Finally I use a kirby grip to pin the plait onto the rest of my hair.
easy everyday hairstyles french braid

Twisted rolls
I take a piece of hair on each side of my head, twist is to the hair is spiralled and then use a kirby grip to secure it to my hair.

easy everyday hairstyles twisted rolls
I hope you like these looks and find them easy to recreate them yourself. Do let me know if there is any look you'd like to see me try!

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