Get perfect brows in under 2 minutes with Wunderbrow

The Hype
Do you want perfect brows in just 2 minutes?

Wunderbrow is the 2 minute revolutionary gel on the market that creates natural looking perfectly shaped eyebrows that lasts for days.

The product is completely safe and in just one step you can hide hair loss and create a whole new eyebrow shape. The formula contains an exclusive brand of hair-like fibres, combined with specially treated pigmented which fasten onto the skin and hair. The  Hair Fibre Complex is then fused into a perma fix gel that creates a flexible matrix locking natural colour and hair onto your brows. It’s currently available in four shades; brunette, dark brown/black, blonde and auburn.

The Lowdown
Generally speaking my eyebrows have quite a nice shape, although there are a few gaps that make them look a bit sparse. I’ve tried  a few brow liners and whilst some of them are pretty good it’ll be great to have something that lasts for days.

In the box there is a gel and a separate mascara wand. To use you simply apply the gel onto your brows and then spread it on using the brush. Wunderbrow is really easy to use and takes such little time to get the perfect brows. I used the gel to fill in the gaps on my brows and I was really pleased with how natural the finished look was.

Whilst the available shades are quite limited it is a great product that is really easy to use and creates a natural look.

I give it 4/5

Available for £19.95 at Boots 


  • Create a new shape and hide hair less in under 2 minutes
  • Lasts for days
  • Natural looking
  • Really easy to use


  • Limited shades

What do you think? Have you tried Wunderbrow?