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With images of picture perfect celebrities flooding the media every day it is no surprise that self esteem is at a all time low in women and young girls. To help change this sad statistic Bio Oil has teamed up with body confidence charity Body Gossip to fund a roadshow of body confidence workshops.

Even if you’re not of school age, Bio Oil is keen to get you involved and ask that you share one piece of body confidence advice on their website Mybodyphilosophy. Body Gossip will take the findings of the research to form the basis of the workshop.

You’re certainly not alone if you worry about your body, 3000 women who were surveyed had the following opinions.

  • New survey stats reveal teenagers worry more about their bodies than their grades
  • 42% of teens worry about being overweight and 25% worry about the size of their breasts
  • Teen body worries prevent 1in10 from contributing in class and 15% from taking part in PE classes
  • A quarter of teens have been bullied about the way they look, making 1in5 feel ugly and 1in10 have even wanted to self-harm
  • Only 6% of women would describe themselves as beautiful
  • 46% of women said that their issues with body confidence has stopped them from wearing the clothes that they want
  • 18% of women have said that their body confidence issues have stopped them being intimate with a partner
  • 41% of women believed they would be happier if they had more body confidence

By submitting your body philosophy tip you will be entered into the competition to win 1 years supply of Bio Oil.

*Terms and conditions*
Please submit your entry via Rafflecopter. Competition will run from 3rd August 2015 to 3 September 2015 and will open and close at midnight. In order to participate you will need to enter all mandatory questions, anyone who doesn’t will be disqualified. Your details may be supplied to the competition promoter once the competition has ended.

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