Birchbox teams up with Women’s Health to create January 2015 beauty box

January is all about a fresh start, starting the year afresh putting new plans and resolutions into place to create a whole new you.

Birchbox have started 2015 with a bang by partnering with Women’s Health. January’s box sets to embrace everything that January represents – with products and content that help generate new beginnings.

Inside they have included a number of samples from revitalising body treats to an antioxidant super tea along with a number of other skin enriching treats.

Here I’ll go into a bit more detail about what you can expect.

Stila Lip glaze
With a  coveted shade that has been designed to suit all complexions this gloss is bound to be your next cult classic.
Birchbox supplies a full size product. RRP £15.00

Philip Kingsley Body Building Conditioner
Fed up of lifeless hair? Philip Kingsley feels your pain and wants to make it better. The body building conditioner aims to transform lifeless hair, sealing fly aways leaving hair looking amazing. It’s full of great things like wheat protein which your hair will love.
Go full size for £19.00

HealGel Intensive
HealGel is designed to protect and restore your skin with a infusion of organic silicone, collagen boosting petites and arnica. It’s like a little Intensive Care in a tube.
Go full size for £37.50

Activbod Cooling Finish Lotion
Get yourself feeling cool and renewed after a hard work out with Activbod Cooling Lotion. The formula contains menthol to help invigorate your skin and give it a cool post workout tingle
Go full size for £12.00

Embrace Matcha Green Tea
This super food is 100% natural with 10 times the antioxidants of regular green tea. Simply take 1/2 teaspoon and whisk into hot or cold water, or even blend into smoothies and juices for a tasty treat.
Go full size for £24.99

Birchbox Pilates Band
This exclusive to Birchbox Pilates Band helps you to tone, increase your muscle and endurnace. You can incorporate it into your workout for extra resistance and faster results. I have no idea how it’s supposed to work but I’m sure it will be useful for someone!
Get yours for £7.99

My Thoughts
When I first saw that Birchbox had collaborated with Women’s Health I have to say I was a little disappointed. Women’s Health is of course about keeping your body healthy, and whilst that’s great I prefer my boxes to focus on beauty rather then vitamin pills/food supplements. The products included are quite small and not of the usual size you’d expect with most Birchbox collections. It almost seems like Birchbox has given up – and it’s only January!
Unfortunately I probably won’t use most of the products included which is a shame. What do you think of January’s box? Do the product excite you? I love to hear your views!

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