Thursday, 31 July 2014

Five top tips on the best festival beauty routine

When you're hitting the festivals you still want to look great – despite rocking out in the heat amongst crowds of bodies. With a weekend of music at your fingertips the last thing you'll want to do is spend all day touching up your make-up, especially when your closest thing to a bathroom is those rather grotesque portaloos. Whether you're heading to Glastonbury or Reading Festival you can still create a pretty dewy look that will actually last by using five key make-up items that prep your skin the right way.

The best star to your day is a soft base to put your make-up on to. Shiseido Pureness MatifyingMoisturiser is a oil free lightweight moisturiser that is perfect for letting your skin breathe in the hot sun. If your skin isn't too dry conserve the amount you apply and rub into spots that actually need it.

Sweat is a make-ups arch enemy as it removes its resistance and staying power. During the summer the need for a heavy foundation isn't so necessary as the suns rays help to brighten your skin tone which will reduce how noticeable any blemishes are. BB cream mixed with waterproof sun tan lotion makes a great alternative to foundation and is much lighter on your skin. Try Decleor Hydra Floral BB cream with 24 hour moisturising effects.

The sun can quite easily melt cream or liquid formulas so when it comes to making your skin glow try to stick to a powder bronzer. Instead of applying it to larger areas like the apples of your cheek or bridge of your nose, use a small brush to to dab it on to the top of your cheek bones and keep your stroke around one inch. La Prairie Cellular Treatment Bronzing Powder13.5g is a luxury powder that gives your complexion a golden glow whilst protecting your skin.

The eyes are the key to your soul and show just how much you're enjoying yourself. There's nothing worse then jumping around to your favourite band and someone telling you your mascara is running down your cheeks because you're sweating so much. The key to keep your face smudge free is waterproof mascara. Christian Dior DiorShow Waterproof Mascara Backstage 11.5ml is a staple of the catwalk and perfect for your festival make-up routine. Lashes are left thickened and curled with the Aquastop technology keeping your eyes dry.

Make sure your eye make-up lasts by applying less mascara on your top lashes and leave your bottom lashes bare. If your lashes are long there's no need to curl them as the oil from your lids will smudge the look. Add long lasting definition to your eyes using a long wearing eye-liner pencil. Kohl pencils are the best because they can be easily smudged to give you a smokey eye and won't run if any sweat gets around your eyes. ModelCo All About EyesSmokey Eye 3 Piece Set includes a fabulous eye-liner that you can use to showcase your eyes.

However you choose to wear your make-up during festival season the key is to simply have fun! Let your hair down, paint a few flowers on your cheek and put a flower in your hair and jump up and down to the music because it's time to enjoy.

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