Cosmopolitan Superblogger Masterclass review

On a hot and humid day this June hundreds of bloggers gathered at Altitude 360 in Millbank London in anticipation of Cosmopolitans Blogger masterclass.

We were offered water, orange juice or champagne on arrival and waited expectantly to be let in for the event.

The show started a little late and on the panel was a number of established bloggers and the Digital Content lead for Cosmopolitan. They included:

  • Vicki Fogwill – Social Media Manager Next
  • Fleur De Force – Beauty and Lifestyle vlogger
  • Kat Williams – Founder of cult wedding site Rock and Roll Bride
  • Joe Williams – Founder, MD, and chief SEO trainer at Zen Optimise
  • Ali Luke – Head of content and blogging training at Zen Optimise

 The event aimed to offer new and existing bloggers the chance to learn fantastic new tips and ideas on how to attract more followers and make your blog shine.

For new bloggers there were some great tips with advice on where to host your blog, how you should keep your blog as your main focus and social media to compliment your posts.

Many of the panel advised that if you were going to approach brands you should think about your proposal as many PR companies are inundated with requests and want something that stands out, that has structured, quality ideas.

Put effort into creating your blog and building your audience and the brands interest should naturally follow.
“If you want to make money you should see your blog as a business.” Ali @ Ali Ventures.

Try to be consistent with your blog and post content regularly on a similar time each week. This way your audience can come back on those days and see new content.

Top tips

  • Guest posting is fantastic for getting your name out there especially if you’re a new blogger. Try to structure your requests to each blog so you focus on their unique selling points and you’re not sending out a blanket email to everyone as they often go straight into the delete box.
  • Figure out what makes you different or weird and stick with that as people like you will find you.  @Rocknrollbride
  • Be consistent and be yourself as it can take ages to get a following. @fleurdeforce
  • Google Keyword Planner is a free tool that is a great tool for new bloggers and recommends the best keywords to use for your post.
  • Self hosted WordPress is the recommended platform to host your blog, however Blogger is still just as good, especially for newbies.

The event included a goodybag for every attendee worth £30. Check out what I thought as I saw the items for the first time in this exclusive video.

On a personal note I was a little disappointed by the event as many of the points were aimed at new bloggers and did not really explain how to get more followers. The goody bag offered a few useful items but a lot of it I probably won’t use, especially the food items which didn’t really appeal.