Friday, 7 March 2014

Travel in comfort with Halo wipes

Whether you're with the girls for a day of much needed shopping, taking the kids out or even getting ready to paint the town red Halo wipes are the ultimate handbag essential.

With a number of fantastic products designed to meet different needs you won't be left with sticky fingers. The full range includes:
  • Eye make-up remover pads are hypo-allergenic and remove even waterproof mascara. With a fragrance free formula the wipe is gentle on the eye area that is the most sensitive.
  • Handy Hygienic wipes that offer instant hand hygiene with antibacterial protection
  • Deodorant wipes offer effective deodorant protection with a cleansing and refreshing sensation.
  • Moist toilet tissue that offers skin cleansing freshness with a mild chamomile formula
  • Toilet and surface wipes
Established in 1987, Halo Wipes are created by Nice Pak International, the European leaders in the manufacturing and suppliers of wet wipes. The Halo range are designed for women who want to look good and stay fresh whatever the day might hold.

Ranging from £0.99 to £1.99 the products are fantastic value and so small they can fit into the tiniest pocket of your bag.
You can buy these must haves from Tesco, Sainsburys, Superdrug, Spars and Boots. For more information head to Halo Wipes 

  • Halo have a pack of wipes suitable for most situations
  • With their small and compact size they can fit into even the smallest pocket
  • The products have a pleasant fragrance and the wipes are comfortable to use
  • The wipes are in a comfortable price range with products ranging from £0.99 to £1.99

  • None as far as I can see

*These wipes were sent to test as sample.


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