L’Oreal Million Lashes Diamond (Diamantissime) Mascara Review: Does it sparkle like a diamond?

L’Oreal Volume Million lashes claims to extend and add volume whilst adding shine to your eyelashes.

The mascara comes in a attractive tube with a mixture of black and gold colouring and sparkly labelling.

The plastic brush is slightly longer then most mascaras and can cover all of your lashes in one stroke. I felt there was a minimal uplift but the coverage was good and there was no clumping. My bottom lashes looked a lot more defined and I feel the mascara worked really well in that aspect.

On examining the brush I couldn’t see much in the way of sparkle and very little glitz was apparant on my top lashes. On the bottom however the glitter came out slightly better.

Overall a reasonable mascara that has some benefits and some downfalls. I’ll give it a 3/5


  • Nice packaging
  • Really does define the bottom lashes
  • Large brush means easy coverage


  • I didn’t feel much glitter was added despite its claim
  • My top lashes were defined but there wasn’t as much volume as I was expecting there to be

You can find L’Oreal Million Lashes Diamantissime as part of a gift if you spend £15 on L’Oreal in Boots stores. Get shopping now !