Saturday, 12 May 2012

What can you do to liven up your straight hair? Brand new vlog!

Do you ever wish there was a way you could spice up straight hair? Whilst some people dream of luscious straight locks, those who were born with it simply wish their hair would do more then lie flat on their head!

As one of those with straight - with a kink - hair I find I have to do something to make it interesting. This video is a how to to give straight hair some va va voom!



Anonymous said...

Hey, I found your blog at shout magazine, I love it! Just wondering, can you give me some tips with blogger layouts, I can't work out htmls and stuff, did you make it or did y get it off a website? Sorry to bother you, but it's great ((:

kathcake said...

thanks for popping by! love your comments :)P

i downloaded the layout im absoloutely shite with designing stuff lol. Type in blogger templates in google and loads of stuff will come up! you then download it and upload it via the uploader hope that helps :)

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