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Stila Plumping Lip Glaze Melon Mint

Plump up your lips and add volume and shine with lip glaze in Melon Mint. The world famous lip glaze now has active ingredients to help promote beautiful full lips. Angeline Jolie better watch out!

RRP £10.00
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Stila Brow Kit in Dark

If you’ve overplucked this week not to worry Stila’s brow kit will save you! This duo of carefully crafted shades dutifully contour and enhance brows for that perfect accent every time. By smudging in gently your brows will never look silly or overdone

RRP £11.00
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Stila Convertible Colour for Lips and Cheeks in Poppy

This dual product not only adds colour to your cheeks but is suitable for adding a rosey glow to your lips too. Perfect for a pocket money buy. This clever lipstick and blush will prove to be on of the staples in your makeup bag. Genious!

RRP £16.00

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