L’Oreal Quad Pro for Blue eyes ~Sapphire Crystal

The L’Oreal Quad pro for blue eyes is a four tone eyeshadow that will create a fantastic smokey eye look.

Each tone in the Sapphire Crystal set is a matte shimmery colour that is designed to compliment those with blue eyes. The kit has a useful guide on the back that points to which numbered colour should be applied to each part of the eyelid.

With two brushes for application there was the right tools to apply each eyeshadow colour and with the guide to follow I easily created the seductive smokey eye look.

The eyeshadow maybe a bit too over the top for a daytime look so some may consider it to be a bit pricey but I would say it’s a good investment for a sexy evening look.

You can buy L’Oreal Quad Pro in Sapphire Crystal for £6.99 at Cosmetic House


  • Nice range of colours
  • Gives off a shimmery colour
  • Create a smokey eye look


  • Not really suitable for other eye colours
  • Maybe too intense for a daytime look