Touch of Nature Grapefruit Bodywash

When I’m having a soak in the bath I love my bodywash to smell gorgeous and make me feel gorgeous.

Touch of Nature’s grapefruit with lemon and spearmint bodywash has quite a noticeable smell, with a clear undertone of spearmint that I think comes out stronger then the main body of grapefruit.

This refreshing bodywash is made using pure essential oils, and is proud to be paraben, synthetic and colour free. In addition it isn’t tested on animals.

The product comes in quite luxurious packaging which would look great in a modern bathroom. The product is encased in a lovely swirly leaf design that almost looks like wallpaper. The bodywash is easy to get out through a push system on top of the bottle.

I found the product sunk into my skin quite easily and didn’t really leave much of a lather. There was a slight shimmery sheen left on my skin once I’d dried myself off.

The final smell that clung to my skin was again very audibly spearmint with a hint of lemon. There was no grapefruit coming through.

Overall a nice product that comes across as being very luxurious and full of great stuff that is good for your skin. I’ll give it a 3.5/5


  • Luxurious packaging
  • Not tested on animals
  • Has no bad chemicals inside


  • Despite being described as a grapefruit product the fruit really wasn’t evident in the product

You can buy this great product for £13 at Touch of Nature