Sunday, 4 March 2012

New CID I-pout lipstick in Very Cherry - A pop of colour on your lips

There's nothing like a sweet red cherry look to finish off your look.

The New CID lipstick in Very Cherry is a splash of glamour in a stick. It comes in the delightful white packaging with attached mirror and light. As I have mentioned before it's the perfect lipstick for going out with as you can actually see yourself without having to rush off to the toilets.

The lipstick applies really smoothly with no catching and like the other products in the series has  the amazing perfume like odour that doesn't leave a lingering taste in your mouth.

Initially it seems like the lipstick isn't applying much colour but if you're persistent you'll soon see results.

This product is perfect for glamming up a daytime look or worn with fake lashes and sparkly eyeshadow on a night out.



Jessica said...

I love a red lipstick, too! I've never tried anything from this brand so I'll have to check it out. The colour looks lovely and really suits you!

JennaKateKelly said...

The lipstick looks fab!

I really struggle with red lips but I like how you have mentioned that you can build up the red to a shade that suits you!

Will be keeping my eye out for this lipstick now

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