Maybelline Mono Eyestudio in Gold Diamonds

From first impressions this eyeshadow appears to be a simple gold eyeshadow that will look quite light on the eyelids.

The eyeshadow packaging is more compact then most with its base a small rectangle with a clear plastic front allowing you to see the colour inside.

It comes with a applicator brush which makes applying easier, but I do feel that you can’t get a lot of colour on with the brush, and it’s best to use your fingers.

The shadow is mono so unlikely to crease and diseppear by the end of the day. Several hours after applying I’m pleased to say the shadow looks exactly as it did when I applied it in the morning. What a result!

The effect of the shadow is a light gold pink shimmer that isn’t extravagant enough for night time wear but is good for casual daytime work makeup or meeting a friend for lunch cas-style.

I think it gives a subtle look to your makeup, it won’t really draw attention to your eyes but there’ll be a slight shimmery twinkle that will definitely make you look better then you would without makeup.

I think the only real disadvantage would be that for some the colour is not as obvious as it appears in the eyeshadow packaging.