Vita Liberata Day to Night

This gorgeously packaged makeup kit was sent to me by the wonderful Premium Fragrances.

It comes in a smart black box so on first glance you would have no idea there’s makeup inside. Once opened you’ll find a smart metallic silver box with the print Vita Liberata Day to Night on and the quote: “Passion. Freedom. Life.”

Initially I am already very impressed and I haven’t even opened it yet!

Inside I find 6 eyeshadows, a blusher and what I believe is a bronzer. The kit is clearly designed for a day to night look so you can easily update your look on the go – perhaps after work.

The gold eyeshadow is a lovely colour that adds a bit of glamour to your lids. I did feel the gold wasn’t particularly bright and would probably be more suited to a day look.

I think this shade of brown is quite sparkly but a little bit more mature then the gold eyeshadow. It suits blue eyes well and would go fantastic as a smokey eye look.

This beige shadow appears very light when its applied – almost like a dewy finish. It may be more suited for a very casual ‘no makeup’ look, but even for daytime I don’t think it’s particuarly suitable especially if you like your eyeshadow to appear visible!

This pink shadow adds a lovely dewy pink colour perfect for a summers day. It’s not too over the top so it doesn’t look like you’re wearing loads of makeup but you can still see the colour so you get a real pretty girl next door look.

This black eyeshadow is great for a smokey eye look on a night out perhaps matched with the brown shadow on top of your brow bone. Unlike some black eye shadows its not too dark so if you smudge it to create a further smokey effect you won’t look like someones drawn all over you with permanent marker.

This white shadow is very similar to the pink shadow, only slightly lighter. The white shade is definitely suited to a more casual look perhaps mixed with the pink shadow for a girly summers day look. Another alternative for the bare look as well.

The blusher was a cheerful rosy pink colour that added quite a bit of warmth to my cheeks. It applied quite easily and was easy enough to blend in to my skin with little excess product. I did try what I believed to be the darker blusher/bronzer and felt that it was perhaps too dark for my skin tone and that it was the only disappointment on a otherwise very useful kit.


  • Lots of choice – great value for money
  • The eyeshadows are good quality, can use some for day, some for night
  • A few shadows such as the beige one didn’t really add anything to my lids – just looked like i’d applied a highlighter or shimmer
  • The blusher applies nicely and added a warm pink colour


  • I felt the dark brown blusher/bronzer was way too dark for a shading product 

You can buy this for £6.99 (reduced from £10!!) from Premium Fragrances