Wednesday, 22 February 2012

JackyMac Eyeshadows Bursting with Colour

JackyMac mineral makeup was inspired by the creator's own experiences with makeup. Having sensitive skin that broke out regularly with traditional makeup she sought out a solution that would mean she could still wear makeup but not suffer for wearing it - the answer was found in America - mineral makeup.

From there JackyMac bounded ahead in leaps and strides and now is a very successful makeup site offering a large number of mineral makeup products.

The Jacky Mac eyeshadow in chocolate brown comes in a standard package with a clear container and black lid. To access the shadow you have to pull of the plastic seal which means the product is very hygienic and there are a few holes in which you can tap the product out. The main problem I find with this version of eyeshadow is sometimes it can be very difficult to get the powder out and you're left tapping for ages.

The colour is a lovely brown with mixtures of gold within - something I've not seen before. It applies really easily and leaves a lovely shimmering sheen on the eyelid.

The eyeshadow is great for a casual day time look or glammed up for a evening with a bright red lipstick.

Overall a lovely product that is long lasting, great colour and it's good for you!

  • Gorgeous colour
  • As it's mineral it's really good for your skin
  • The pot is quite big so longer lasting
  • Only a little comes out at a time so you won't be using more then you need
  • Whilst the products design means the product lasts longer it also means its hard to get out
You can buy Chocolate Brown eyeshadow at Jacky Mac for £5.99

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