Hyperink Question of the Month

Reading is a number one love for me and I think you can get so much enjoyment out of it. By reading a book you’re creating a movie in your mind, a unique set of imageries where no two versions would be alike. I recently read Flowers in the Attic by Virginia Andrews.

It is the sad tale of a family who in the beginning of the book lose their father in a car accident. Forced into poverty, the mother is left to contact her estranged parents setting the ball rolling for a whole series of disastrous set of events. Stuck in an attic the mother and her four children are locked away, seemingly forgotten. However as time drags by the mothers love for her children is overcome by her greed and seeking for wealth leaving the children to the elements almost like rats…

The book covers a number of very sensitive topics such as incest, abandonment and death but I feel these are not used flippantly and you really feel for the characters. It is a story that is incredibly deep but will have you rapidly flipping pages to the end. I would also highly recommend the prequel to the Flowers in the Attic (Garden of Shadows) as it will really help you understand the iron maiden’s grandmothers actions.

Does anyone else have a favourite book? What do you like about it? Leave a comment below.