The Bank Job – George Lamb’s Boobs up

If you were following the nerve wracking drama of The Bank Job last week (in a real life vault!) you probably noticed George Lamb’s continous boobs up. I’m not sure if it was because it was live and nobody could cut the mistakes, but with other live shows I’ve not seen people make so many mistakes. It made me wonder if they’ll choose him to present it next time.

The ending was fantastic, when the two guys went up against each other to see who would win the money. They had the choice to share, or to take it all and if they both decided to take it all, they went away with nothing. You could hear a pin drop as they waited for the boxes to be revealed. They had both decided to be greedy and take it all which meant nothing for them. Now I see quite a life lesson in that game as I’ve often found when I’m doing a bit of gambling and I go for the more money I lose. Greedy people don’t prosper they trip up somewhere along the line for someone else to benefit.

So be kind… share..