MyFace Spi”ce”y eyeshadow

MyFace are the brand with the crushed pearl pigments inside their vivacious eyeshadows.

As part of thee December Carmine box I was delighted to receive a Spi”ce”y version of their eyeshadows. Coming in a small compact eyeshadow the colour is a rich sparkly brown which quite easily creates a gorgeous smokey eye.

You can apply the eyeshadow with your fingers, adding a little for a subtle effect or a lot for a really noticable glam night look. Alternatively you can wet your finger and see the deeper colour the wetness gives the shadow.

I felt the colour was really rich and really made my eyes sparkle. The only downside is because the eyeshadow is heavily glitter focused over the period of a day a lot of it may end up around your eye. Not really a problem but it may ruin your perfectly set makeup!

MyFace is only really available in Boots shops or online


  • Really bright colours
  • Leaves your eyes sparkling like a diamond
  • Has crushed pearl extracts inside for extra colour va va voom


  • As the eyeshadow is heavily glitter focused a lot of it may settle under your eye over the period of a day