Sunday, 14 August 2011

Three of the best concealers to try

If like me you have industrial strength dark circles under your eyes you will probably have tried every product under the sun trying to get rid of them. Either the concealer is too light and makes you look like a panda ala YSL touche eclat, or its so dark it looks ridiculous.

Today  i'm reviewing three of the best (that I have found so far). I far in and out of love with them at various points as they start to fail at their job etc but they're better then the rest!

Benefit Erase Paste
This lovely little pot of goodness is a liquid concealer with a medium consistency that does pretty well to cover the redness under my eyes. You can apply with your fingers or a brush in a gentle patting motion and just use a little to cover up the problem area. Whilst the product covers pretty well I do find it to be quite light in comparison to the rest of my face which makes the concealer quite obvious. Also it doesn't last as long as I ideally would like it to. I'd give it a 3.5/5. Benefit products are quite pricey but you can get it for an amazing £10 at Trinity Divinity

  • Easy to apply
  • Good consistency
  • Covers dark circles
  • If you apply more then you need your circles will be highlghted rather then hidden
  • Doesn't blend in with the outer areas all that well
  • Quite expensive
Estee Lauder Ideal Light
Now this little baby I have a love/hate affair with. It's such a light liquidy consistency that you really don't know it's there and your dark circles are hidden by a light reflecting sheen. However I feel that the concealer doesn't really last long and by lunchtime the cracks are starting to show. Have you ever noticed how when you take a picture of yourself at the beginning of the day and your makeups perfect that you have a real glow to yourself? Try that again at 6pm and see the result you get - that's all down to the makeup and I feel that whilst this concealer has a great instant effect it doesn't last more then a couple of hours. I'd give it a 3/5. Whilst Estee Lauder is quite pricey you can get it for a good price at Yes Style for £22 (really not a cheap product!)


  • Very light texture
  • Goes on really easily
  • Gives off a lovely sheen which knocks off the light under your eyes
  • Doesn't last!
  • Can be quite expensive depending on where you buy it
Benefit Booing 
Years ago I was recommended this by a old friend and as she said it was the best she tried I thought i'd give it a go. The concealer claims to be a industrial strength concealer and when the lady applied it in the shop it really seemed to do the trick. The consistency is really quite thick and less is really more on this product or it will look caked on. The concealer works really well at covering dark shadows but after a while I guess it just slips off and you find yourself needing to touch it up again. I have used both primer and powder to fix it down but its completely resistant, so yet to find a perma solution concealer! I will however give this a 3.5/5 for its hiding power. You can find Benfit Boiing for a bargain £8.50! at Trinity Divinity 


  • Does really well at covering up resistant dark circles
  • Easy to apply
  • Smooth results
  • Apply to much and you'll find yourself in a caking situation!
  • Takes a certain knack to apply properly
Now as it takes a lot to impress me and I love trying new things I've just bought a brand new Lancome concealer, and i'm hoping for £20 it will blow my socks off! The review will be up very shortly so watch this space!


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