Butts bees honey lip balm

I was lucky enough to be sent this burts bees foot and hand set as a result of a competition and my first item to be reviewed is the honey lip balm.

My first impressions are good ones; burts has a good reputation for a leading beauty range.

The lip balm I hate to say has a really off-putting, strong smell which perhaps could have been toned down a bit. However the product applies well and leaves your lips feeling really smooth and not at all sticky which is the effect of many lipbalms.

The ingredients are all natural with items like beeswax, Rosemary and soybean listed on the ingredient list.

Priced at around £2-£3 the product is quite pricey for a lip balm but you do get a very natural product and effect.

Overall this is a decent product but has been really let down on it’s smell. I’d give it 2.5/5.

All natural ingredients
Easy to carry around with you
Has a good reputation

Has a really strong off-putting smell
Pricey for what it is considering you can buy lip balms for a lot cheaper

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